Hitler came there in 1941 and how it ended: the network exploded with memes because of Putin in Mariupol


Hitler came there in 1941 and how it ended: the network exploded with memes because of Putin in Mariupol

Putin in the middle of the night, like a thief, arrived in Mariupol. His so-called visit was not only condemned by netizens. They have already made a lot of memes, reacting to the cynical act of the dictator from the Kremlin.

According to reports, on the night of March 19, Vladimir Putin arrived in Mariupol. He made his so-called visit after a trip to Sevastopol. The web is teeming with memes comparing the Kremlin dictator to another, Adolf Hitler. Ayda, along with Channel 24, watch funny and lifelike memes on the cowardly trip of the bunker grandfather.

History is cyclical, Putin will face retribution

Let's start with something easy. One of the netizens made an ironic joke about Putin's visit. Like, he would still not mind coming to Bakhmut. But “at Mosfilm they did not have time to build scenery.”

The network is ironic about Putin's visit / Screenshot on the network

Another lady on Facebook reacted to the trip of the bunker grandfather. She is also surprised that he even sat behind the wheel himself. How much courage a man has. He was not even afraid that an airbag could nail him. Her publication is not extremely flamboyant. But what are the comments under it. Here are a few of them:

  • But his ass will crack to get out of the bunker, there has never been such a fake;
  • This is how doubles are walked: one in the Crimea, the other in Mariupol;
  • It's clear. So they say goodbye! For soon Crimea and Mariupol will return home!;
  • Natalya, which one of them at the expense of the clone went there? I can't believe he got himself there. Hitler was also in Vinnitsa and somewhere else, but this did not help;
  • And they also say that it visited the Philharmonic, where the cages for the defenders of Azovstal stood, and now they have been removed. That's in vain, this is what this monster needs, – the woman herself added.

And on the network they made a fotozhaba to the Hague court. They compared his shot taken at the Philharmonic well, and superimposed the heads of Russian criminals who should be responsible for war crimes on an old photo from the trial. We are waiting for Putin himself to sit in the dock as soon as possible.

The Hague is waiting for Putin and his henchmen / Screenshot from the network

Recall that recently the International Criminal Court issued an arrest warrant for Putin. The reason for this decision was the war crimes committed by the dictator. We are talking about the abduction of children from the temporarily occupied territories of Ukraine.

Vladimir Yemelyan tweeted “Putin visited occupied Mariupol”. And he illustrated his message with a photograph in which Hitler poses against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

The network also reminded that history is cyclical. Mariupol was under occupation for 2 years. During this time, Adolf Hitler even managed to visit him. Therefore, it is not ruled out that this time it will happen in exactly the same way. The city will be freed from the invaders. Hopefully much faster.

Hitler's visit to Mariupol did not help much / Screenshot from the network

Another netizen illustrated the message about Putin's visit with a picture in which the Russian president is in a coffin. Perhaps this is what his final tour should have looked like.

Putin in a coffin somehow looks better than on us / Screenshot from the network

A lady with the nickname “Barge with watermelons” wrote very aptly. She summed up in one sentence what millions of Ukrainians think: “Yesterday I said goodbye to Crimea, at night – to Mariupol.”

The network is ironic that Putin has a farewell tour / Screenshot on the network

They also showed us which Putin's double arrived in Mariupol. On the screenshot you can see two Russian comedians, if you can call them that. One of them, in fact, tried on the image of a dictator. I wonder if he's still alive after that?

In these shots, the president is talking to a local resident of Mariupol and showing something on the phone, they joke on the net.

There is such a popular expression “See Rome and die.” Here on the net they are ironic that Putin rolled his lip a little and decided to do this with Mariupol. By the way, he cannot go to Italy, because the dictator will immediately be detained and sent to the International Criminal Court.

Who would have thought that Putin's visit could cause misunderstanding within the so-called “DNR”. Here in the network they are already complaining that they could come to Donetsk. Like, with his trip to Mariupol, he exacerbated the intra-regional conflict. God, what … they themselves understood.

Residents of Donetsk offended by Putin / Screenshot from the network

Another report of Putin's visit is accompanied by photographs from a concentration camp visited by Hitler's representatives during World War II.

The network has even tried to explain why the visit was at night. According to one Twitter user, in sunlight you can see that the mask is made somehow.

Putin's mask will peel off in the sun / Screenshot from the network

They also suggested that it was just Putin who went to The Hague through Mariupol. It wouldn't be bad, to be honest.

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