Homes for African Americans will be improved through the sale of marijuana

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Homes for African Americans will be improved through the sale of marijuana

Authorities in the American city of Evanston, Illinois, will improve the living conditions of African Americans through taxes on marijuana sales and donations. The City Council on Monday, March 22, agreed the first tranche in the amount of 400 thousand dollars, the Chicago Tribune newspaper reports.

Each of the first 16 families participating in the program will receive compensation in the amount of 25 thousand dollars. These funds can be used to pay the down payment for a new home, renovate and improve property in Evanston, and close real estate debts.

Subsidies are eligible for people of African American descent whose ancestors or relatives lived in Evanston from 1919 to 1969. The program also extends to those who have been victims of racial discrimination in housing since 1969. It is expected that a total of $ 10 million will be allocated under the program.

Earlier, the family of George Floyd, a black American strangled by police, settled a lawsuit against Minneapolis. The city council unanimously voted for an out-of-court settlement of the issue and payment of $ 27 million to the victim's family. It was reported that this amount will be one of the largest in such cases.

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