Hooligan actions – army general said why Russia did not strike directly on US drone


Hooligan actions - army general said why Russia did not strike directly on US drone

On March 14, Russia shot down an American MQ-9 Reaper reconnaissance drone. The drone was operating in international airspace over the Black Sea.

First of all, Russia did not want a direct confrontation of a military nature, because this is the beginning of a military conflict or a local war. This was announced to Channel 24 by General of the Army, ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine Mykola Malomuzh.

This game won't work

“Shooting down an aircraft or such a powerful drone is a specific act of aggression. And hooligan actions like draining fuel to make it fall did not work, then they hit the propellers with their wing so that it did fall – this is a demonstration that they claim a monopoly in this region,” the general said.

Like, they will not use military means yet, but will neutralize such reconnaissance means with the help of others.

This format raises the stakes: “We are the masters here, and NATO will have no prospects.” On the other hand, the Russians are really afraid of the Alliance, because it can deliver such a powerful blow that the entire Black Sea Fleet and the military will be gone, – Malomuzh emphasized.

The Russians are checking, says the army general, how the Americans will perceive this and whether they will retreat. The United States acted very correctly and said that this was an “incident” and “there is no reason for a military response”

However, concrete signals went to Moscow that this was an unfriendly act. Therefore, in the event of a repetition of provocations, a symmetrical response is applicable, for example, they will shoot down a Russian aircraft. “Last Chinese Warning”. Domination will not pass in regions where they have all the legal grounds to be in the United States and NATO,” Malomuzh said.

According to the ex-head of the Foreign Intelligence Service of Ukraine, a specific position will be demonstrated at the operational-diplomatic level. If such acts continue, the next step is for the United States.

Will the Russians be able to get a drone

Malomuzh emphasized that the downed drone had a dual purpose – monitoring the situation in the region for the United States and NATO, as well as for Ukraine.

“We have entered into an agreement with the Pentagon to transfer information online. It has a very active function in terms of Russia's aggressive actions. Will they capture it? No. Russia does not have the proper means, they cannot even get a sunken nuclear submarine. And this is a small drone” , – explained the ex-intelligence officer.

Moreover, the Americans control everything. In fact, the Russians will not succeed. “Even if they had found him, everything would have been blown up – right in their hands,” Mykola Malomuzh stated.

The stupidity of Russia plays to our advantage

  • Political scientist Nikolai Davydyuk is convinced that, from the point of view of its absurdity and stupidity, Russia behaves in our favor.
  • Thus, the actions of the Russians will cause the mobilization of our Western partners.
  • He believes that after incidents like the downing of an American drone, Ukraine can even count on ultra-modern weapons that used to be taboo.

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