Horner attacks Hamilton:


Horner attacks Hamilton:

Christian Horner

The two Formula 1 title rivals Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen crashed on Sunday. For Red Bull team boss Christian Horner a clear thing.

In the first round of the Grand Prix of Great Britain, the old master and the aspiring World Championship leader had a tough wheel-to-wheel duel. Both drove side by side into Copse, the Brit hit the Dutchman on the right rear tire. Verstappen flew off while Hamilton was able to continue, even winning the race despite a ten-second penalty.

For Red Bull team boss Christian Horner, the question of guilt is clear. The Briton went into the fastest corner of the course, much too over-motivated, and got off well with just ten seconds, which the stewards gave him. “Sending a driver colleague to the hospital with a car that is a total write-off, then receiving such a mild penalty and still winning – in my opinion that doesn't feel like a big penalty,” said the Red Bull Boss.

“On the helicopter shot you can see that Lewis was off the racing line because he took too much speed into the curve. This maneuver never worked,” added Horner. And it became even clearer: “For a world champion with seven titles that was a pretty amateurish mistake.”

After his impact, Verstappen was flown to the hospital with a 51 G helicopter for safety reasons. The Dutchman was able to leave this again on Sunday evening. “We were very, very lucky that no one was injured,” said the team boss with a sigh of relief.

In any case, Horner's allegations against the reigning world champion are grave: “Of course, he has jeopardized safety. An attack in this corner harbors an enormous risk, as every pilot knows. That a seven-time world champion tries such a desperate maneuver and brings another to the hospital, that's the most disappointing thing for me, “continued the Bull team boss. Hamilton simply let himself be carried away by the euphoria of 140,000 fans.

To prove it to his critics, Hamilton had put the decisive maneuver to win the race against Charles Leclerc in Copse, was almost identically stabbed inside again. Things went well there because the Ferrari driver didn't use all his might to counter it, left the track to avoid a collision …

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