Horror for Russians: how F-16 fighters can change the situation in the air in favor of Ukraine


Horror for Russians: how F-16 fighter jets can change the situation in the air in favor of Ukraine

Ukraine hopes that the next Rammstein meeting will be aviation. A few dozen F-16s can have an impact on the battlefield.

Deputy director told Channel 24 about this Center for Army Research, Conversion and Disarmament Mikhail Samus. He noted that we need aviation immediately.

“We need the most modern aviation. The F-16s are perfect for us, because now the most advanced aircraft in terms of versatility, multitasking and the use of a range of weapons. I think that no aircraft can claim the same number of different weapons systems and, accordingly, the tasks that it can perform,” says Samus.

Pay attention – Mikhail Samus about F-16 aircraft: watch the video

The military expert noted that if we talk about offensive de-occupation operations, it is extremely important to dominate the air. Samus recalled that the Russians had a disaster in the so-called special military operation. The invaders were unable to establish air supremacy.

“They wanted to do this in the early days, when they announced that they had destroyed Ukrainian air defense and aviation with missiles. The Russians very quickly stumbled upon our pilots, who were on older planes with less functionality. However, due to their skill, we managed to knock out the Russians,” Samus said.

He said that air superiority was a dream of the enemy, and that Russian aircraft crashed when they approached Ukrainian airspace.

According to Samus, the aircraft of the invaders cannot compete with the F-16 at all, since air combat would look different than in World War II. It was determined by the action of the radar and weapons on the F-16. The expert noted that a modern aircraft uses its weapons and returns to its base airfield.

“Ukrainian air defense and aviation have already destroyed part of Russian aircraft. If at least 30 aircraft were handed over to us, then the effect would be would be the same as from HIMARS. F-16s would change the situation in the air,” Samus believes.

With the receipt of the F-16, it would be difficult not only for Russian aviation, but also ground forces. The expert said that the aircraft are effective against ground targets.

It would be a horror for the Russians and a great help to our ground forces. I think our pilots would have shown themselves fantastically,” the speaker said.

Samus said that the F-16 can clearly perform the tasks of supporting ground forces. For example, there were talks that Ukraine would receive JDAM kits. According to the expert, they turn a 500-kilogram bomb into a precision-guided munition that has the characteristics of a missile.

“Imagine the support one would have on the battlefield. The F-16 can use not only JDAM to support ground forces, but also missile weapons,” Samus said.

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Samus noted that if we simulate or imagine a situation with de-occupation of Crimea, then fighter aircraft will be of great importance. Aircraft can be used in large expanses and sea areas.

“In the Crimea, it is difficult to advance in terms of ground forces. The F-16 can also launch missiles at ships. It is a universal machine. Therefore, we it is better to focus on the F-16 and not be scattered on other aircraft, which, at first glance, are easier to obtain,” the speaker believes.

He added that there are many F-16s in the world, and the US and its allies are switching to the F-35. According to Samus, the fleet of F-16s is considered to be hundreds and a few dozen would be a very good alternative for Ukraine.

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