Hospitals overcrowded with Russians, mobilization in Crimea and many downed “birds”: the main thing from the General Staff


Hospitals overflowed with Russians, mobilization in Crimea and many downed

During the day on January 24, the Russian invaders launched 5 rocket attacks on civilian targets in the city of Konstantinovka, Donetsk region and 13 air strikes. They also fired more than 10 attacks from multiple launch rocket systems.

The threat of Russian air and missile strikes remains throughout Ukraine. the invaders continue to advance in the Bakhmut direction, having suffered numerous losses.

On the Limansky and Avdeevsky directions, the Russians conducted unsuccessful offensive operations – they repelled all enemy attacks. In turn, they are defending in the Kupyansky, Novopavlovsky, Zaporozhye and Kherson directions.

What happened in different directions

In Volynsky , Polessky, Seversky and Slobozhansky directions the situation has not changed. Offensive groups of infidels are not recorded.

The Russians do not stop shelling settlements along the line of confrontation. Tank, mortar and artillery fires were fired at areas of more than 30 settlements, in particular:

  • Guta-Studenetska, Buchki and Mikhalchyna Sloboda of the Chernihiv region;
  • Novovasilovka, Sopich, Kucherivka, Studenok, Cossack, Boyar-lying, Stukalovka, Vorozhba, Volfine, Yunakovka, Sumy region;
  • Basovoye, Guryev Kazachok, Veterinary, Vesele, Volchansk, Varvarovka and Grigorovka, Kharkiv region.

On the Kupyansky directionthe invaders fired at the areas of the settlements of Dvurechnaya, Gryanikovka, Kislovka, Berestovo in the Kharkiv region, as well as Novoselovskoye, Stelmakhovka in the Luhansk region.

In the Liman direction Terny and Yampolevka, Luhansk region.

In the Bakhmut directionfire damage from tanks and the entire spectrum of artillery, received areas of more than 20 settlements. In particular, Controversial, Berestovo, Belogorivka, Vesele, Krasnaya Gora, Bakhmut, Klescheevka, Kurdyumovka, Druzhba, Maiorsk, New York, Donetsk region.

In the Avdiivka direction into enemy fire the areas of the settlements of Novobakhmutovka, Orlovka, Avdeevka, Vodianoe, Pervomayskoye, Nevelskoye, Krasnogorovka, Georgievka, Marinka, Novomikhailovka and Mikhailovka of the Donetsk region were included.

On the Novopavlovsky directionthe occupiers fired from tanks, mortars, cannon and rocket artillery in the areas of the settlements of Novoukrainka, Vuhledar, Prechistovka, Neskuchnoye and Bolshaya Novoselka of the Donetsk region.

In the Zaporozhye direction from the tank and artillery fire affected areas of more than 20 settlements, namely: Vremovka, Svobodnoe Pole, Novoselka, Novopolie of Donetsk region, as well as Olgovskoe, Malinovka, Gulyaipolskoe, Belogorie, Novodanilovka and Vesele, Zaporozhye region.

On Kherson directionthe Russians continue to attack the civilian population. Shelling from multiple launch rocket systems, cannon artillery and mortars were fired at the areas of the settlements of Gavrilovka, Dudchany, Kachkarovka, Zmievka, Vesele, Burgunka, Antonovka, Dneprovskoye of the Kherson region and the city of Kherson.

Ukrainian soldiers repulse the attacks enemy/Photo by the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Mobilization continues in Crimea

In the temporarily occupied Crimea, Russia continues the covert mobilization of Ukrainians. In particular, in Sevastopol, from January 20, the Russian military commissariats were assigned the task of making up for the losses of the invaders with local civilians from the units of the Black Sea Fleet. rank in the reserve and the presence of a driver's license, the General Staff reported.

Russian invaders continue to suffer colossal losses in battles with the Ukrainian Defense Forces.

  • More than 450 wounded invaders are being treated in the city hospital of the occupied Dniprorudny, Zaporozhye region.
  • The Vasilyevsky district hospital of the Zaporozhye region is also overcrowded with wounded Russian invaders.

The defenders inflict losses on the invaders/Photo of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Losses of the enemy

During the day, aviation of the Defense Forces of Ukraine inflicted:

  • 8 strikes on the areas of concentration of personnel, armament and military equipment of the Russians,
  • 3 strikes on the positions of anti-aircraft missile systems.

The anti-aircraft missile forces of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine destroyed 3 Russian attack helicopters Ka in 30 minutes -52, performing tasks in the area of ​​​​the settlement of Evgenievka, Volnovakhsky district, Donetsk region.

In addition, in the Bakhmut area, Ukrainian defenders shot down a Russian Su-25. In turn, units of missile forces and artillery hit 8 concentration areas of the invaders per day.

Soldiers of the Defense Forces defend the state/Photo of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

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