How can you make such stupid statements – Marchenko on Russia's explanation for the shelling of the port of Odessa


How can you make such stupid statements, – Marchenko about Russia's explanation for the shelling of the port of Odessa

Marchenko spoke about Russia's statements/Channel 24 collage

After a day of denial, the Russians admitted that they had shelled the port of Odessa. In Moscow, they say that, they say, they were aiming at a “Ukrainian warship.” The head of the Odesa OVA harshly “walked” through such explanations.


Marchenko characterized the statement of the representative of the Russian Foreign Ministry, Maria Zakharova. For the occupiers, the chairman of the UVA did not spare words.

First, the Russians said that the Ukrainians fired on themselves

The head of the UVA recalled that immediately after the strike, Russian propagandists did not come up with anything better than to say that the Ukrainians fired on themselves. However, this did not work, because half of the city saw missiles flying from the sea.

When the shelling was sharply condemned by the international community, the Kremlin began to look for other “legends”. We settled on this one: they say that they did not violate the agreement, because they attacked neither grain nor the infrastructure necessary for its export.

But after all, the port is the infrastructure that is necessary for the export of grain. How can you make such stupid and ridiculous statements, – said Marchenko.

The head of the Odesa OVA assured that, in spite of everything, Ukraine is ready for any actions of the occupiers and there is no doubt about victory.

< h3>A scandal erupted in the media because of the UN “comment”

Note that the day before, UN Secretary General António Guterres sharply condemned the violation of the so-called “grain” agreement signed in Istanbul. However, The New York Times, citing an unnamed source in the organization, did not describe that the Russians did not technically violate the treaty. This caused indignation of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, the UN comment for the NYT was denied.

The shelling of the Odessa seaport: briefly

  • On the morning of July 23, the Russians fired 4 missiles at the Odessa seaport, 2 missiles were shot down Ukrainian air defense forces.
  • Several people were injured.
  • The Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine reported that the enemy was aiming at the granary, but did not hit it.
  • Western countries criticized Russia's strike on Odessa, noting that Moscow cannot be trusted after that.

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