How does the departure of men accepted for temporary consular registration abroad


How does the departure of men admitted to temporary consular registration abroad

How to leave men registered abroad/GNSU

Those citizens of Ukraine who permanently reside abroad are subject to consular registration. When crossing the border, they are required to provide additional documents.


The State Border Service explained the specifics of the departure of men accepted for temporary consular registration abroad.

So, when crossing of the state border of Ukraine, such persons must provide:

  • an appropriate passport document with the marks of the State Migration Service of Ukraine “Issued to leave for permanent residence”,
  • diplomatic institution “Accepted for consular registration”.

Consular registration – registration of information about the location outside Ukraine of Ukrainian citizens temporarily staying abroad. Citizens of Ukraine are accepted for temporary consular registration for a period of one year.

The specified period may be extended in accordance with the validity period of a residence permit of a foreign state issued to a person accepted for consular registration, but cannot exceed 5 years.

p> Pay attention!Earlier, the border guards explained that a man whose woman serves in the Armed Forces of Ukraine has the right to go abroad with children under the age of 18. To cross the border, you need a birth certificate for children, a marriage certificate and a certificate of service in the Armed Forces.

General mobilization in Ukraine

Martial law has been in effect in Ukraine since February 24. On May 22, the Verkhovna Rada decided to extend martial law and general mobilization until August 23.

A total of 4 waves of mobilization were identified:

  • recruitment of combat units by reservists, former participants in the ATO and the OOS, who have already served as military personnel and those liable for military service;
  • mobilization of reservists who did not fall before the first wave, as well as military personnel who served in the military until 2014;
  • mobilization of reserve officers and those liable for military service who graduated military departments of universities;
  • mobilization of all citizens from 18 to 60 years old.

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