How Iran is playing with Russia with claims of occupied territories


How Iran is playing with Russia with claims of occupied territories

Briefly and clearly about Iran's position on non-recognition of the occupied territories of Ukraine as Russian.

This is not a knife in the back of Russia

Many are now giggling happily from the position of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Like, this is a “knife in the back” of Russia from an ally and all that. However, do not rush to clap your hands ahead of time.

Let me remind you that Iran is a rogue country that supplies Russia with equipment and weapons. As of today, the list of weapons and equipment transferred to Russia includes:

  • UAVs: Mohajer-6, Shahed-131, Shahed-136;
  • air bombs: Ghaem-5 ;
  • helmets: NIJ II;
  • body armor: Rouin-3.

In the future, Russia may receive Fateh-110 and Zolfaghar ballistic missiles from Iran. In addition, the Kremlin may conclude new contracts for the supply of Shahed-131 and Shahed-136 kamikaze drones, up to the deployment of the production of these UAVs in Russia.

Tehran confirms receipt from Russia of Su-35 fighters, as well as the continuation of military-technical cooperation with the acquisition of S-400 complexes. In exchange for what do you think Russia is transferring equipment worth billions of dollars to Iran?

Iran is trading with Russia

I would like to remind you that Belarus also recognized the hitherto occupied Crimea as Russian. Did this prevent Minsk from providing the territory of its country for an attack on Ukraine? Did it prevent the transfer of hundreds of pieces of equipment and thousands of tons of ammunition to Russia for the war with Ukraine?

So, I would not pay attention to the statements of the Iranian Foreign Ministry. After all, I do not rule out that this statement was made even in the context of bargaining. Like: “And what can you offer us so that we recognize the occupied territories as Russian? Missile technologies? Maybe nuclear?”.

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