How long do conscripts and conscript officers serve


How long do conscript soldiers and conscript officers serve

Citizens of Ukraine can serve in the army from 12 to 18 months, depending on the category. Those Ukrainians who were called up during mobilization can be demobilized only after the end of the special legal regime.

In rare cases, this can happen after the order of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

The current legislation provides that citizens liable for military service in military service can serve from 12 to 18 months:

  • soldiers, sailors, sergeants and foremen undergoing military service in the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations – up to 18 months;
  • persons who, at the time of conscription for military service, have a master's degree of higher education – up to 12 months.

For Ukrainians falling under conscription, other terms are provided:

  • for conscripted officers – up to 18 months;
  • for those who are conscripted during mobilization or during a special period – until the end of the special period or until the announcement of a decision on demobilization;
  • for servicemen who are conscripted from the reservists during a special period – the terms determined by the decision of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

Mobilization in Ukraine: the main thing< /h3>

Ukrainian legislation provides that in the event of the announcement of mobilization, a special period of functioning of the national economy, state authorities, local self-government, the Armed Forces of Ukraine and enterprises begins.

Note that the mobilization itself can be general and partial, and is carried out covertly or open on several waves. General mobilization is necessary for the most rapid and effective completion of the regular army.

All citizens of Ukraine fall under the general mobilization, usually men who are able to fulfill their military duty. But not everyone will be called without exception. Usually, mobilization takes place in 4 stages, in particular:

  • The first stage of the operational reserve – former military personnel under 40 years old who have combat experience and served in the army under a contract or during one of the previous waves of mobilization.
  • Second stage – military personnel who served in the military until 2014 or served under the contract.
  • Mobilization reserve – citizens liable for military service who graduated from the military departments of universities as reserve officers and were not called up during previous mobilization waves.
  • Fourth stage – public reserve. These are the rest of the citizens who do not have age and physical restrictions on conscription for military service and can be recruited to recruit the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations only during a special period.

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