How long does it take to find a lost Apple AirTag?

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How long does it take to find a lost Apple AirTag?

Apple recently released the AirTag for finding things. It allows the iPhone to see the location of items to which the keychain is attached. Enthusiasts conducted an experiment and found out how long it takes to find an AirTag if it is lost.

The authors of TechRadar compared the Apple keychain with the competitor Tile. They wondered what would happen if the iPhone was too far away from the tag. Both Apple and Tile have technology that allows you to anonymously update the location of the key fob if another device owner in the ecosystem walks by. Apple has an incomparably larger user base.

In the morning, the authors of the experiment put AirTag and Tile Mate behind a road sign on a busy street, about 1.6 kilometers from the house. Then they returned home, indicated on the iPhone that the tags were lost, and waited.

After 30 minutes, a notification appeared about the location of the AirTag. The device, however, did not indicate the location very accurately. After 12 hours, the location was determined for the tracker Tile Mate. That is, AirTag turned out to be better in terms of search speed.

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