How long will it take the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to master the Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks


How long will it take for the Armed Forces of Ukraine to master the Leopard 2 and Abrams tanks

Germany and the US will provide Ukraine with Leopard and Abrams tanks. Both countries say that training Ukrainian crews for these tanks could take several months.

However, the Ukrainian military can learn to operate Western tanks much faster. This opinion Channel 24 was expressed by military analyst Alexei Getman.

According to him, the German Leopard tanks and the American M1 Abrams are quite similar to each other. These machines have similar control systems.

There are no fundamental differences between them. These are tanks that were built on the basis of one prototype, just different branches of tank technology, – Hetman explained.

He noted that, indeed, each of these tanks has a certain control specifics. For example, Abrams has a number of modifications, each of which may differ in electronics.

How long can the Ukrainian military master Western tanks

However, the military analyst is convinced that the Ukrainian military will have no difficulty in dealing with both the Leopard and the M1 Abrams. Western partners say that Ukrainians will need about 3 months to master the latest tanks.

According to Hetman, the allies for some reason do not take into account the experience of our military.

“In 3 months, you can to teach how to drive a tank to a person who has never seen it. So a person came and was shown: “Here is a tank.” In this case, yes, training takes time, “said a military analyst.

“You can train a tank crew in a month”

However, if we are talking about professional tankers who already have combat experience, then, according to Hetman, the training period can be much shorter.

Aleksey Getman

Military analyst

< blockquote>When a tanker arrives, who was in charge of other tank equipment, albeit worse in terms of weapons than Leopard or Abrams, then what 3 months can we talk about? Well, clearly it doesn't take three days. But in a maximum of 3 weeks – a month this person will be able to become a driver, commander or one of the crew members.

Getman believes that during this time it is not a problem to prepare the crew so that it can participate in hostilities.

Ukrainian military can become instructors yourself

According to the military analyst, people who will learn to drive tanks, in addition to extensive experience, often have a technical education. Moreover, even among the mobilized Ukrainians who were not professional soldiers, there are quite a few people with scientific degrees, in particular, candidates of technical sciences.

“They can figure everything out to become instructors and train people in Ukraine, when the tanks arrive here. I don't believe it will take more than a month,” Hetman said.

Ukraine will receive tanks from the allies: briefly

  • The White House said that the process of supplying Ukraine with American M1 Abrams tanks could take months. However, according to senior officials of the Biden administration, training of military and maintenance crews will soon begin outside Ukraine.
  • U.S. President Joe Biden announced that the States will begin training for the Armed Forces on Abrams “faster.” He noted that it would take time to put the tanks on the battlefield, but did not give specific terms.
  • In the near future, training of the Ukrainian military on the Leopard 2 may begin in Germany. Berlin wants to raise 2 tank battalions for Ukraine of these tanks as soon as possible.

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