How many kamikaze drones are left in Russia: expert's guess


How many kamikaze drones are left in Russia: expert's guess

< p _ngcontent-sc138="" class="news-annotation">APU is effectively destroying Iranian kamikaze drones that the aggressor country is using to destroy our infrastructure. However, Iran can devote a lot of resources to creating a new batch of drones.

About this Channel 24said military expert Sergei Grabsky. In his opinion, it is very doubtful that these drones are already running out in Russia.

Russia can independently ensure the production of drones

The main advantage of Iranian drones is kamikaze lies in the fact that they are quite primitive. Yes, their collection can be easily provided in simple workshops. Moreover, if Iran transfers technology, then Russia will be able to independently ensure the production of these drones.

Therefore, I would not hope that 300 drones were left there,” Grabsky said.

Why Iran helps the invaders

Country- the aggressor has become for Tehran a source of resources and reserves, because Iran can, thanks to it, gain access to foreign exchange earnings. Yes, Russia continues to sell its energy resources, and for this money it can buy the necessary amount of weapons and military equipment from Iran.

Iran is already using this currency for its needs. Do not forget that he is waging war in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and also has certain interests in Turkey,” the military expert explained.

According to him, by supplying weapons to Moscow, Tehran has discovered a “gold mine” . In addition to cash receipts, Iran can also receive food from Russia, etc.

Grabsky said that Russia can independently ensure the production of drones: watch the video

How Iran helps Russia: breaking news

  • Iran has agreed to send Fateh and Zolfaghar short-range ballistic missiles to the Russians. The country's corresponding agreement was signed on October 6. This was reported by 2 high-ranking Iranian officials and 2 Iranian diplomats.
  • However, as of October 18, the Pentagon cannot confirm the information that Iran will supply these missiles to Russia. Also, the United States has not yet confirmed that Iran sold additional drones to the occupying country.
  • In addition to providing weapons to the Kremlin, Tehran sent its instructors to teach the Russians how to properly destroy Ukrainian cities with Shahed-136 kamikaze drones. Currently, they are in the temporarily occupied Crimea.
  • At the same time, the Iranian authorities cynically declare that they are not participating in Russia's war against our state. Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said his country does not supply weapons to either side.

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