How many thousands of occupiers must lay down in Ukraine for the Russians to stop the war


How many thousands of occupiers must lie down in Ukraine for the Russians to stop the war

I'm curious. What kind of losses should the Russians have (in tens or hundreds of thousands of killed, wounded, crippled), so that instead of single exclamations and sobs, a howl rises in society? Is there such a figure?

Slaves are accustomed to endure

Can anti-war organized sentiments arise at all in the absence of civil society? I understand that there is no type of war. But at some point it is impossible not to notice that it is there!

Or for this it is necessary to hit Voronezh or Belgorod from the MLRS? In residential areas? Well, we don't and won't do that. And then what?

I have the impression that this pale toadstool Putin joined Russia from behind, pulled up her skirt and f**** an***but, as soon as maybe with her tickler, and this healthy, battered aunt stands on her knees and elbows and says: “He's not serious, he's a prankster, he's not fucking, but he's stroking, he's loving.”

The absurdity of what is happening is that everything that happens from the very beginning is devoid of meaning, logic in the present and does not have any positive result for Russia in the future. Deprived of any prospects and can only lead to serious consequences in all spheres: in the economy, politics, social sphere.

Russians pronounced a death sentence on themselves

Moreover, the defeat on all fronts was obvious even before the outbreak of hostilities and became undeniable even for ardent Z-patriots immediately after the failure of the blitzkrieg.

But nit. It didn't become undeniable. This requires the brains of the leadership, and the fear of a nit-dictator has a bad effect on the mental functions of subjects. Or do you need a civil society that will resolutely say: “Enough! Fucked up? And there will be.”

Gbist nonentity? He is not here. Therefore, we wait until the number of corpses of Russians reaches a certain conditionally critical level. If such a level is even achievable.

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