How many women have been in space?

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How many women have been in space?

How many women have been in space? Which country sent the most female astronauts.

For 60 years, 550 people from 37 countries have visited low-earth orbit. There are 64 women. Of these, only 4 are from the USSR or Russia – Valentina Tereshkova, Svetlana Savitskaya, Elena Kondakova and Elena Serova. From the USA – 50 women, including 5 – 5 times. And also from Canada (3), Japan (2), China, France, South Korea, Italy and Britain.

“Since the late 1980s, our cosmonauts have not performed short flights into orbit. People are on the ISS for six months, or even more, and such work, of course, is not very suitable for women. The work is hard, often you have to go into outer space, turn the nuts there, etc., – explained to AiF an employee of the Cosmonaut Training Center named after Gagarin Boris Esin. – But the shuttles once flew into orbit for a maximum of 2 weeks, and the load on their crews was not so serious. That is why so many American women have been in space. “

At the same time, experts say that women in crews are better at some responsibilities, especially if they require concentration and monotonous work.

“I often say that a same-sex crew is like a same-sex marriage, because there should always be women. Moreover, they work very efficiently and professionally, they are good engineers and do an excellent job with the assigned tasks, ”says cosmonaut Gennady Padalka.

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