How much Ukraine will be provided with HIMARS and the colossal losses of the enemy in the South: the main for 151 days of the war


How much HIMARS and the colossal losses of the enemy in the South will give Ukraine: the main thing for 151 days of the war

Ukraine has been courageously defending Ukraine from the enemy for 151 days/Channel 24 collage

Full-scale war with Russia has been going on for 151 days. The Ukrainian military courageously repulse the enemy.


Main events 151 daysChannel 24 collected confrontations in one piece. Read below about what happened at the front and not only.

06:18 Another forecast was shared at the Institute for the Study of War. According to the observations of analysts, the Armed Forces of Ukraine have already begun or are at least preparing for a counteroffensive in the Kherson region.

05:36Olena Zelenska summed up the results of the summit of first ladies and gentlemen. She noted that during it they managed to raise more than $ 3 million. These funds will be used to purchase more than three dozen ambulances.

05:21 stealing what they risked their lives. We are talking about things that they took out of the houses of Ukrainians in temporarily occupied settlements. As Sergei Gaidai said, the enemy has already started selling the loot in Lisichansk and Severodonetsk.

04:38In Ukraine, a single concept has been introduced – a temporarily occupied territory. Prior to this, only the Crimean peninsula, as well as part of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions, had the corresponding status. The corresponding concept was introduced in order to have a unified approach to all territories of our state temporarily under hostile occupation.

04:10 The morning was restless for the inhabitants of Nikolaev. Not only sirens were heard in the city, but also 5 powerful explosions. This was announced by the mayor of the city Alexander Senkevich.

03:40OC Yug shared up-to-date information about the situation in the region. Although the enemy is trying to hit the Ukrainian military with everything possible, he himself suffers considerable losses. In particular:

  • 54 infidels;
  • 3 T-62 tanks;
  • 3 “Grad” multiple launch rocket systems;
  • Msta-B cannon;
  • armored and automotive vehicles;
  • ammunition depot and ammunition depot in Kherson region.

< p>02:50In the meantime, Citi, Raiffeisen Bank International, Intesa Sanpaolo and UniCredit Group were unable to completely leave the Russian market. Moreover, these banks are beginning to recruit employees in the aggressor country.

02:29 German Chancellor Olaf Scholz never ceases to amaze. It wasn't until the fifth month of the war that he admitted that Russia was an unreliable gas supplier. Recall that Germany is very dependent on blue fuel from the aggressor country. And this was the reason why Canada handed over the turbine for Nord Stream 1.

01:26 It became known how much HIMARS and MLRS are ready to provide Ukraine with the US and other international partners. The head of the US Armed Forces Committee, Adam Smith, noted that it would be very difficult to assemble and provide 50-60 such installations. At the same time, they are trying to transfer to our state at least 25 or 30 MLRS, as well as as many artillery and missiles as possible for the corresponding systems.

00:41 Oppositionist Mark Feygin suggests that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are “trying on” in the Kherson region. What is happening now in the region, in his opinion, is similar to preparations for the upcoming offensive.

00:39 Advisor to the Head of the Office of the President Mikhail Podolyak told why Europe is in no hurry to provide Ukraine with weapon. One of the main reasons is that no one thought that a full-scale war could begin in the 21st century. It should also be understood that the bureaucratic machine is very strong. In addition, international institutions do not work as quickly and efficiently as we would like.

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