How my wife fought the iron monster

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How my wife fought the iron monster

Wife Natasha in the shopping center near the metro “Dynamo” decided to buy eye lenses. There they are sold by an iron robot. Natasha paid him 1,500 rubles and pressed the buttons. The robot pushed the package casually, but the package got stuck halfway to the basket. You can see it through the glass, but you can't get it. Natasha poked the buttons again – to no avail. The phones indicated on the robot cannot be reached. Nervous. A lady, dressed in culture, approaches, asks:

– What, stuck again? And you, – he says, – kick him in this place, like I did last time, a pack and it will jump out.

Well, my wife timidly kicked on the piece of iron, the pack didn't jump out.

– Not so, – the lady says, – it is necessary to be stronger! – and kicks the robot once, twice …, the pack does not fly out.

– You, – she says to Natasha, – kick on this side, and I will hit from the other.

Soon the people gathered, they took pictures of how two intelligent women, like the St. Petersburg riot police, beat the huckster of the robot in the ribs and groin with their boots in anger, but he did not give away either money or goods.

All of us, of course, are smart people. They began to advise. One guy says that you have to go find a thin flexible wire and hook a bundle through this crack. Others tell you to sue the boss of the robot, which here once again throws people at the grandmother. Still others advise to write to Putin.

Finally Natasha phoned the robot's curator. And she doesn't seem to believe, demands confirmation of payment and all that. An hour later, the question was settled. The curator returned the money and promised to repair the robot.

Up to two months. And Natasha and I ended up in the same shopping center. My wife needed lenses again.

“They don’t enter the same river twice and two bombs don’t fall into one funnel,” she said, took out her bank card and boldly moved towards the robot. But he, the bastard, clearly remembered his wife! He took the money and …, like the last time, moved the pack, but did not give it out.

Again, for an hour, Natasha called the robot's superiors and complained about the huckster about this scoundrel. Then the money was returned to her. The robot was promised to be repaired. But I doubt that this rogue will be redirected to a private path. To know the same and its creators-parents. And the apple, as you know, does not fall far from the apple tree. And we must listen to scientists who predict that in the near future robots will become dangerous for humans, that they can go to war against humanity. It looks like this is it, it begins!

How my wife fought the iron monster

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