How Novaya Kakhovka can help in the liberation of Crimea: a report from the front from Roman Svitan


How Novaya Kakhovka can help in the liberation of Crimea: a report from the front from Roman Svitan

On the evening of March 23, 2023, information appeared claiming that Russian troops allegedly left Nova Kakhovka. However, later in the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine denied this news.

Relevant information in the daily review of hostilities on Channel 24 was commented on by Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and military expert Roman Svitan.

New Kakhovka

The military expert said that Novaya Kakhovka is a good base for movement to the Crimea . After all, there is a little more than 70 kilometers from it to Armyansk. The Russians themselves understand this very well.

New Kakhovka – Armyansk / Screenshot

If there are certain forces and capabilities on the right bank in the Novaya Kakhovka area, we will have enough power to carry out this movement,” Roman Svitan noted.

He explained that our access to Novaya Kakhovka is real, because the dam itself practically reaches the left bank of the Dnieper. There will still be a little more than 100 meters to the hydroelectric power station and it is technically possible to reach the left bank.

Recall the official statement of the General Staff: “The invaders are still temporarily in Nova Kakhovka. Information about the alleged withdrawal of the enemy from this settlement was made public as a result of incorrect use of the available data. However, we will certainly liberate Novaya Kakhovka as well”

rocket attacks

Roman Svitan explained why the Russians use drones at night. In order for the operational mobile group to be able to shoot down Shahid from a machine gun or from MANPADS systems, he must be seen. That is why the Russians are trying to use other detours to go where there are no difficult sections for them.

He recalled that at night Shahids were going to Krivoy Rog and there was also an attack by 10 Su-35 fighters, who dropped air bombs on the Sumy region. However, they did not fly close to our border, so as not to fall into the air defense system mode – they worked along the border, trying to inflict a combat defeat.

“Before that, there were Kh-59s in the Odessa region, but we shot them down. So we can say that there was an air attack at night,” Svitan summed up.

Prigozhin may return to Africa

The Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine noted that the operation to encircle and capture Bakhmut failed and the Russians are well aware of this. Now we need to pin this failure on someone, because tens of thousands of Russian servicemen died near Bakhmut in six months. And this is a big negative.

One of the options for removing this negativity is to send someone away to retire and hang “all the dogs.” This is such an information closure,” Svitan said.

“Prigozhin will most likely agree. However, he will not need to take away the Wagner CHIK – he will leave him there. Any private company is a person who has a suitcase of money, and then he is already recruiting other recruits for this funding,” explained military expert.

In his opinion, most likely, Prigozhin will be transferred. He will get on a plane, fly to Ouagadougou and recruit new recruits. Then he will continue to work in Africa, where he has certain agreements and obligations. And PMCs will remain under Bakhmut forever.

What is the situation at the front: latest news

  • On the night of March 24, the Russian military massively attacked the Sumy region, using different types of weapons. There is a lot of destruction in the region, in particular, gas networks were damaged.
  • In the Zaporozhye direction, the enemy is fortifying his districts. First of all, he is afraid that the Donetsk direction will fall sooner or later.
  • Increasingly, there are talks about the future liberation of the Crimean peninsula. Western weapons will help the Ukrainian military in this. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman spoke about this. According to him, it is critically important for Ukraine to dismiss Crimea by military means.

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