How Russia is trying to discredit Ukrainian defenders with its fakes


Like Russia with its is trying to discredit Ukrainian defenders with fakes

Russian propaganda is trying to weaken Ukraine, because it loses on the battlefield/APU

Russian propaganda is trying to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fakes about torture and human rights violations.

Russian fakes on the net

The day before, a video fake was uploaded to the Ukrainian segment through Russian resources, allegedly , mockery of the captured Russian occupiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Allegedly, the Ukrainian military tortured the Russians, shot them in the legs, etc.

Unfortunately, this fake video was very quickly spread by many Ukrainian would-be patriots, who, unfortunately, lacked critical thinking before, and now, to even greater regret, it turned off and even more so, and they did not notice the obvious hybrid staging of what was happening.

Meanwhile, attentive journalists noticed a huge number of moments confirming the staging of the drama on the video, and not the realism of what is happening.

Now, such a propaganda resource as URA.RU, known for spreading a huge number of anti-Ukrainian fakes, reports that the body of a girl with a swastika carved on it was found in Mariupol. And, of course, the girl was tortured by the “executioners” of Azov! -pytaetsja-diskreditirovat-ukrainskih-zashhitnikov-970071a.jpg” alt=”How Russia is trying to discredit Ukrainian defenders with its fakes” />

New Russian propaganda fake/screenshot

The purpose of fakes

I will not talk about the absurdity of what is depicted in the video, but I will only note that even the commentator himself could not really say whether the swastika was cut out or burned out? If burned, then this is what kind of torture instrument should have been cast and soldered, and the burn has a slightly different color scheme. And if they cut it out, then again, how exactly, right under the ruler.

Another dramatization, not the first and not the last. And there will be a lot of these, because it is very important for Russian propaganda to discredit the Armed Forces of Ukraine, not only at the local level, but also at the international level.

And if no one in the West believes the Russian media, then it is the involvement of Western ones, for distribution this heresy, falls under their plan of action. Moreover, like the recent video with the “prisoners”, the current one can be distributed even by the media that are not loyal to Russia, experiencing an innate rejection of this kind of violence. And it is precisely this reaction that Russian hybrid propaganda will bet on.

Be vigilant! Moreover, absolutely everything.

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