How Russian fakes about Ukraine and Western weapons progressed during the war: an analyst's explanation


How Russian fakes about Ukraine and Western weapons progressed during the war: an analyst's explanation

Russian fakes analyst/Channel 24 collage

Russia is constantly trying to discredit Ukraine in order to disrupt the supply of weapons from the West. Sometimes fakes look high quality, but often they “burn” on trifles.


About this 24 channelsYury Malakhov, Data Analyst of resource told. According to him, even before the start of a full-scale invasion, Russia tried to prevent the supply of weapons to Ukraine. Then they were unable to do anything.

Propagandists regularly work on this

As Malakhov notes, even before a full-scale war, Russian propagandists regularly toldthat Ukraine cannot be supplied with Western weapons. After all, it seems that they will begin to transfer it to third countries or simply sell it to terrorists.

In early March, the Russians constantly yelled that that's all – Ukraine began to sell Western weapons. However, at that time, no one was particularly led to these statements. So they started to come up with so-called “evidence”.

It got to the point that infidels created an entire fake marketplace on the dark web, where they posted ads for the sale of Western weapons allegedly from Ukraine. It began to spread various Russian publications along with marginal Twitter accounts. Subsequently, unfortunately, this information was quite seriously scattered.

Malakhov admits that the site was really made of high quality. However, the occupiers “smoke” on trinkets.

In the shops or ads, where Ukraine is discredited, “services” are clumsily written. There, for example, there was a “transfer across the border.” This is an automatic translation “transfer across the border,” said Yuri Malakhov.

In addition, as the analyst notes, no one in their right mind would sell Western weapons through the darknet. After all, then it is quite possible to get into the attention of the special services of different states.

“On the real dark web, weapons are not sold or almost not sold. It is one thing – drugs in small quantities that are easy to hide. And if you sell a tank , you will immediately attract the attention of intelligence agencies around the world,” the analyst explains.

In addition, the Russians are trying to misinform the population in the recently occupied territories. They create thematic telegram channels about settlements, where they spread various fakes such as “Ukraine will lose soon”, “Kyiv will be taken very soon”, etc.

Recall that recently Russia launched a series of fakes that the occupation troops allegedly seized Avdiivka and Peski, and the “cleansing” continues in Bakhmut. These stuffings are regularly distributed by an army of bots and unreliable information platforms. This is another fake from kafirs. Intense battles are now continuing there – the Armed Forces of Ukraine are holding the line.

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