How Russians surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: an updated version of the instructions has collected more than 650 thousand views


How Russians surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine: an updated version of the instruction has collected more than 650 thousand views< /p>

Step-by-step instructions for Russian military personnel on how to surrender help them save their lives from certain death. Recently, an important addition appeared in it.

It tells how you can surrender to the Armed Forces of Ukraine using a quadcopter. The algorithm of actions was developed by the specialists of the Center for Strategic Communications based on the recommendations of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

How to Surrender to Russians – Updated Instruction

First of all, it is worth noting that the instruction has already received more than 650,000 views. In particular, the site's statistics show that 69 thousand users who viewed it did so from Russia, and another 7 thousand from Belarus.

You can stay alive. To do this, you should voluntarily surrender to the Ukrainian army. Ukraine respects international law, strictly complying with the provisions of the Geneva Convention on the Treatment of Prisoners of War, guaranteeing their right to life and dignity, the publication says.

Now the material has explained how you can appear using a quadrocopter. The algorithm of actions looks like this:

  • You first need to contact the “I Want to Live” project in the chat bot or by calling directly.

  • After receiving verification must arrive at the specified location at the exact time.

  • If possible, you should additionally inform the representative of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about your arrival at the place and wait for the next instructions. In addition, you can simply wait for the quadcopter to appear in the field of view.

  • You need to establish visual contact with the quadcopter. While looking at the drone, raise both arms to the sides and up. This indicates a readiness to execute further commands.

  • If everything goes well, the drone will perform a maneuver. It will first rise and then descend a few meters.

  • Next, you should follow the drone, which, at the speed of human walking, will direct you to the meeting point with representatives of the Armed Forces.

List of contacts where soldiers of the Russian army or their families can contact

For Russian soldierslocated in Russia and their relatives – contact via Telegram or WhatsApp:

  • +380956886888;
  • +380936886888;< /li>
  • +380976886688.

For those soldiers who are on the territory of Ukraine:

  • 688 – only with Ukrainian numbers;
  • +380956886888;
  • +380936886888;
  • +380976886688;
  • +380665803498;
  • +380931192984;
  • +380443508917.

You can also use a chatbot. “I want to live” in Telegram. More information can be found here.

By the way, Ukrainian intelligence said earlier that a new wave of mobilization in Russia would soon begin. Particular attention, according to the GUR, will be given to residents of the “central regions”, in particular Muscovites.

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