How Squid Games: Business Reacted to Social Media Disruption

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How Squid Games: Business Reacted to Social Media Disruption

A global outage in Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram occurred on Monday, October 4, and at the time of publication of the material, it had not been eliminated.

Problems with access to these sites provoked a stir among Twitter users, the problems with the work of which were much less. The very social network microblogging on its official page almost immediately after the start of the failure published a message “Hello literally everyone”, which in a few hours received more than 440 thousand retweets and 145 thousand comments. The response to this post came from the official accounts of leading international brands, including KFC, OnlyFans, rock band Metallica, Nike, Adidas and others.

“Dialogue” between accounts:

McDonald's : hi what can I get u (“Hello, what can I get you?”)

Twitter: 59.6 million nuggets for my friends

Hot dog maker Oscar Mayer : You were made for this moment

Twitter : can we have the keys to the hot dog car

Starbucks Coffee : Perfect time for a coffee break

Microsoft Teams video calling service : * unmutes mic * Hey everyone

Diablo: You're next video game series account

  • The account of the search service for cheap flights Aviasales urged subscribers to leave their postal addresses in the comments in order to send information by paper mail in case of a possible malfunction. “Twitter, even if you don’t fall, the SMM-specialist has a loan,” the company turned to the service.
  • Various messengers and social networks have also used Twitter to attract new audiences. Viber has published a welcome post expressing its willingness to help newbie users master the service. Tumblr retweeted a message from one of the users “Marketers trying to figure out their password for Tumblr”.
  • Reddit , in turn, said that all social networks “agreed to the” Squid Game “(meaning the South Korean series from Netflix in the” battle royale “genre, where the strongest survives – RBC ).
  • The owner of the Telegram messenger Pavel Durov launched the poll “Which is better? Suspension of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram for several hours or complete cessation of Telegram in Russia ”, which clearly parodies a similar poll organized after the suspension of campaign bots on the eve of the vote and condemned opposition supporters.
  • Deputy General Director of Gazprom-Media Tina Kandelaki published on the same platform the post “Welcome to Rutube (also part of the media holding).
  • The Moscow 24 TV channel used the incident with Facebook for situational advertising. The press service of the holding “Moscow Media” told RBC that the message of the broadcaster and the LBL group of companies – “The TV does not hang – but always works. Turn on the M24 ”appeared almost immediately in the center of the capital on the facade of the“ October ”cinema center.

How Squid Games: Business Reacted to Social Media Disruption

For Twitter, competing challenges could be a chance to grow their audience significantly. A survey by VTsIOM, conducted in 2021, showed that the daily audience of this social network in Russia is only 3%, while 33% are regularly present on Instagram, and 5% on Facebook. 33% of respondents use VKontakte, 39% use YouTube. A poll by the Public Opinion Fund also showed in 2021 that WhatsApp is the leader among messengers in Russia (50% of respondents use it), for Telegram this figure is 22%, Viber – 10%.

What happened to Facebook and its services

Massive complaints about the work of Facebook, Instagram and the WhatsApp messenger began to arrive on the evening of October 4. The main complaints are related to the operation of their sites and applications, as well as the connection to the servers. WhatsApp users have complained about the inability to send messages.

Among those who reported the crashes were residents of Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Netherlands, Germany, Italy, France and other countries.

As reported to RBC in the press service of Roskomnadzor, according to the Center for Monitoring and Control of the Public Communications Network (CMU SSOP), in many countries, failures in the operation of Facebook services are recorded. “The lack of availability of resources is confirmed by the company itself,” the department added.

According to Bloomberg, the failure of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram is due to problems with the DNS (Domain Name System), which translates the literal address of a page on the Internet into the IP address of a specific device or server.

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