How the Armed Forces Detect and Defeat Iranian Drones: The Air Force's Response


How APU detects and counters Iranian drones: Air Force response

The Ukrainian military is effectively destroying Iranian kamikaze drones, both day and night. Yesterday in OK “Tsentr” they destroyed everyone who flew to the target – and today in OK “South” these drones were also liquidated, in fact, both times it was in the dark.

About this < strong>Channel 24 said Yury Ignat, speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. He also noted that we are actively working on such targets, today we managed to “land” 13 drones.

“It is not difficult to detect it on the radar, it is not such an inconspicuous target,” says Ignat.

According to the speaker of the Air Force, there is a difference in the means of destruction, because Iranian drones can fly at a great distance from each other, they can in groups.

Therefore, throughout our territory states need to deploy facilities that can detect such targets. We can use both MANPADS and air defense systems for damage, he says.

The Russians are very active in using Iranian kamikaze drones

  • On October 11, the Russian military tried to attack with a kamikaze drone Khmelnitsky region. The enemy aircraft was shot down by air defense forces.
  • On the morning of October 11, the enemy attacked the Ladyzhinskaya TPP. To do this, he used two kamikaze drones.
  • The Russians continue to overturn Shahed-136 kamikaze drones onto the territory of Belarus. They want to increase their number to 40 in the near future.

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