How the Crimeans and Russians on the peninsula reacted to the explosions of the Crimean bridge


How Crimeans and Russians on the peninsula reacted to the explosions of the Crimean bridge

< p _ngcontent-sc90="" class="news-annotation">Explosions on the Crimean bridge scared the Russian invaders pretty much. And the pro-Ukrainian population is now in a great mood.

Alim Aliyev, a human rights activist and co-founder of the public organization Crimea SOS, spoke about this Channel 24. He received a lot of messages yesterday – pro-Ukrainian residents are now in a very good mood.

In the first hours after the explosion in Crimea, there were traffic jams at gas stations – people tried to refuel as quickly as possible. It's like a reflex, he says. In such situations, residents always try to restock.

I always joke that some of the smart infidels who settled in Crimea after 2014 are already slowly fleeing to their homes in Russia. Those who get it long enough have received another trigger to think about returning to Russia,” Aliyev noted.

The Crimean bridge is sacred for the occupiers. But it can also be destroyed

As Aliyev notes, the Crimean bridge has a sacred meaning for the ruling elite and all infidels. This is a symbol that demonstrates the power and restoration of their neo-empire. Explosions on it are a painful blow for infidels .

Besides, the bridge, today, is absolutely a military facility. Supply, the arrival of the regular army, the overturning of weapons takes place precisely through him. The occupiers have turned the peninsula into a military foothold, from where they have already launched more than 800 missiles into other territories of Ukraine,” Aliyev said.

He added that the local Gauleiters were clearly nervous. After all, they definitely flew in for being able to allow such things. And in Russian social networks, people cannot understand how Russia allowed explosions on the bridge at all.

Now the only option to leave the peninsula is through the Crimean bridge to Russia. the occupiers said they had launched ferry services.

I think they will try to restore traffic and throw all resources to make it happen. It's about symbols. But the symbols are collapsing,” Aliyev emphasized.

Explosions on the Crimean bridge: briefly

  • On the morning of October 8, explosions occurred on the Crimean bridge. The incident is known to have damaged both a road and a railroad track.
  • This magical event led to a violent reaction on the network. In the Ukrainian segment, users celebrated and made memes, while in the Russian segment there was hysteria.
  • According to the Institute for the Study of War, Putin will try to find a scapegoat for the explosions on the Crimean bridge. Most likely, the Russian Ministry of Defense will be blamed.

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