How the Kosovo Conflict Affects Serbia's European Perspectives


As conflict with Kosovo affects Serbia's European perspectives

Journalist on Serbia's European perspectives/Channel 24 collage European Union. However, the EU is not ready to put up with the fact that Serbia is inciting hatred with Kosovo.


All the latest demands that the European Union put forward on Serbia contain two key positions. Journalist Natalia Ishchenko told Channel 24 about this.

The first position concerns Kosovo

Serbia cannot advance to way to the European Union until the conflict with Kosovo is resolved,” explained Natalia Ishchenko.

According to her, there is an agreement according to which Serbia has just recognized the independence of Kosovo, and all other Western states that are members of the EU will also recognize its independence. In Belgrade itself, they believe that such a position is a euphemism for determining that Serbia must recognize the independence of Kosovo.

The second one is connected with Ukraine

The EU has clearly said that if there are no sanctions against Russia in connection with its aggression against Ukraine, then there will simply be no further European integration of Serbia, – the journalist noted.

Natalya Ishchenko emphasized that although Serbia is talking about its aspiration to become a member of the EU and the reforms that it introduces – these two positions are certain “red lines” for it. After all, not a single Serbian politician, even the most pro-European one, talks about “crossing” these lines.

Natalia Ishchenko on the conflict between Serbia and Kosovo: watch the video

Serbia-Kosovo Conflict: What We Know

  • Serbia does not recognize the independence of Kosovo and therefore does not recognize its official documents. Therefore, in June 2022, the authorities of the partially recognized country announced a decision on the non-recognition of Serbian documents and car signs. This decision provoked criticism from Belgrade.
  • On the evening of July 31, sirens were heard on the border between Serbia and Kosovo and shots were heard. Also in the city of Mitrovica in Kosovo, Serbs living in the country took to the streets.
  • Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic commented on the conflict on the border with Kosovo. He called the situation the most difficult of all time.
  • NATO reacted to the conflict in the Balkans. They called for a constructive dialogue between Pristina and Belgrade. They also said that if the stability of the country is threatened, the Kosovo Force may intervene.
  • The Kosovo government has decided to postpone the decision on Serbian license plates and documents. Serbian documents and numbers will be valid in Kosovo before 1 September.

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