How the occupier, who survived on the cruiser Moskva, caught up with him in hell


How an occupier who survived on the cruiser Moskva caught up with him in hell

Ukrainian soldiers liquidated a sailor from the cruiser Moskva on land/InformNapalm

Not-Okay. Fate hinted to him that the fleet was not his. But if you really want to die in the war with Ukraine, then Himars will always come to the rescue.

The route to death in a roundabout way

A 23-year-old is buried in the Vladimir region senior sailor Anton Fedotov. He served on the frigates “Admiral Grigorievich” and “Admiral Essen”. Further more – service on the cruiser “Moskva”.

And then two “Neptunes” fly into it, and Fedotov returns home without a ship. Then there is infa in the press that the sailors from “Moscow” are being transferred to the patrol ship “Ladny”.

“Okay”… As writers would say, this is a ship of hard fate. 1980, which has already worked out its own, but is still part of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. It has been under repair for the last five years after it was used too actively for Syrian campaigns.

“Okay” – what is this name? In the USSR, ships of ranks 2-3 were often called some kind of moronic adjectives: “Okay”, “Sharp-witted”, “Fast”, etc.

“Changed shoes” in flight and ended up in a zinc coffin


Last year it seems to have been repaired, but it doesn't sail very well at sea. It's too early to drown, but it's too late to upgrade into something useful. And so the sailors from the “Moscow” were transferred there – Fedotov served there as a senior telegraph operator. in order to continue to fight as ordinary infantry somewhere in Ukraine. And then the telegraph sailor suddenly dies. I understand that this is from this series.

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