How the protests in Iran will end: the expert predicted whether regime change is possible


How the protests in Iran will end: an expert predicted whether regime change is possible

Massive protests have erupted in Iran, triggered by the death of a 21-year-old female student tortured by morality police for wearing a “wrong” hijab. Courageous Iranian women cut off their hair in public in protest and will continue to fight the police.

About Channel 24said the American political scientist Ramis Yunus. He also noted that Russia's war against Ukraine became a litmus test and revealed all the problems of the rest of the world.

The expert noted that everyone is preparing for a new geopolitical paradigm that will be in the world – as politically and economically.

“Changes will affect the UN, the OSCE, etc. NATO will also change functionally, new military-political alliances will appear, Boris Johnson even voiced something,” Yunus believes.< /p>

The meeting of countries in Samarkand was very revealing – all the leaders present noticed that “the bear was injured,” he says.

According to Ramis Yunus, the events in Iran should also be viewed through this prism, in 2009 there were already such social protests, but then the authorities were able to suppress these uprisings – there was no external factor.

Why Iran is actively protesting

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  • Iranian girl Mahsa Amini was killed on September 17 in Iran for wearing the wrong hijab. Therefore, protests continue in different cities of the country.
  • A girl who was 22 years old was detained in Tehran by the so-called “morality police”. Amini passed away a few days later. According to the official version – due to a heart attack, but activists noted that she was severely beaten during her detention.
  • “The question is, whether there will be a great revolution . It remains to be seen whether the social explosion will affect political change,” he adds.

    So far, the protests in Iran are purely social and have not touched politics. Inside Iran, the internal political struggle continues, because the political leader of Iran fell ill and is losing positions, – says the political scientist.

    He is already 83 years old, so in recent years he has been actively preparing his heirs. “Given that the son of the current Iranian leader may come to power, we should not expect dramatic democratic changes in Iran“, the expert concludes.

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