How the West can influence Putin: Sheitelman named effective options


How the West can influence Putin: Sheitelman named effective options

< p _ngcontent-sc89="" class="news-annotation">No one can personally influence the head of the Kremlin, Vladimir Putin. He will understand only radical decisions that will make it impossible to implement his aggressive plans.

The Kremlin is not going to admit defeat in the war against Ukraine, which will lead to even more casualties. Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman told Channel 24 about this.

Is influence possible

The expert is convinced that Putin < strong>no one can personally influence .

During the war, there was no situation in which Putin was somehow influenced. This is a completely sick person. He makes his own decision and he no longer has calculation and logic. Forget about these words. You can influence a person if he has logic and if he can be convinced of something,” the political consultant noted.

According to him, Putin’s appeal showed that there is “totally no” logic in his words.< /p>

“He just comes up with whatever he wants. He says whatever he wants. In general, he carries whatever he wants. Therefore, The West can influence in one way – the first to launch a nuclear strike and destroy Putin. This is the first option. The second is if the West has special agents. that could have killed him. The third is that the West can enter the war on our side,” Sheitelman added.

Will Putin use nuclear weapons against Ukraine: watch the video

How to stop the war

According to the observer, NATO may go to warand destroy the Russian army because the bloc has enough missiles and aircraft to do so.

Thousands of planes could come in to bombard the Russian positions. I think that this will stop the war, as they did in Bosnia. Then they bombed the Serbs, and now they can bomb the Russians. They just have to understand everything,” he pointed out.

The analyst noted that the calls of French President Emmanuel Macron best described the state of affairs today.

“Macron said that all countries that are not allies of Ukraine are all for the war and support Putin. That is, today, in his opinion, it is impossible to remain a neutral side. If yes, then let them join the coalition to fight together against Russia. This is world evil that must be destroyed at any cost,” the expert said.

The Kremlin does not want to lose

According to Sheitelman, the decisions on partial mobilization and threats of nuclear weapons meant that Putin refused to admit defeat.

He lost the war, but refused to admit defeat. A man before his death tries to kill hundreds of thousands of people even without nuclear weapons. The mobilization will make the war longer, as they will send another 300,000 men. There are two wounded for one killed. Therefore, Ukraine's task is to kill 100,000 Russians,” the political strategist explained.

In his opinion, in order to overcome the new forces of infidels, Ukraine will need about another year.

“Putin dragged out the war for a year. During this time, many people will also die on the Ukrainian side, including among the civilian population. This is while Russian civilians do not die. In fact, by this decision of the path, he simply guaranteedly killed another 200 thousand people. By the decision to start a nuclear war, he will kill 100 million people. Maybe even billion,” Sheitelman added.

He concluded that the NATO countries should “raise up everything that is in the alliance to stop this.”

The Kremlin threatens the “nuclear”: latest news

    the propagandists of Zakharov and Skabeev began to hysteria about the “red lines” and “strike on Berlin”. According to the Russian publicist Andrey Piontkovsky, these are “stupid” woman's “ultimatums”.
  • At the same time, US President Joe Biden on September 17 warned Vladimir Putin about the serious consequences of the use of nuclear and chemical weapons.
  • Subsequently, on September 21, Russian President Vladimir Putin nevertheless threatened the world with nuclear weapons. The dictator stressed that Russia is using all available means to “protect itself”.
  • Political strategist Mikhail Sheitelman suggested that the paths could declare nuclear war as early as next week, and US President Joe Biden would have to make a “difficult decision.”
  • In addition, Pope Francis reacted to Putin's nuclear blackmail by calling the words of the head of the Kremlin “madness”.

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