How they tried to release Azovstal: new details of the operation


How did you try to deblock " Azovstal": new details of the operation

How they tried to unblock Azovstal/AP

Ukraine tried to unblock Mariupol in the early stages of the war. However, our soldiers were forced to retreat due to the fierce resistance of the invaders.

When the defenders of Mariupol held the line for several weeks, a group of our fighters advanced towards the city. However, she faced strong resistance from the Russians. The media write about this, citing their sources.

Deblockade was initially possible

According to the interlocutors of “UP”, the deblockade of Mariupol was possible on the first stages. However, every day it became less and less real. And President Volodymyr Zelensky and the top command of the army also remained optimistic about this.

Therefore, according to the media, there was one attempt to deblockade Mariupol. This happened after several weeks of bloody cordoning off the city. Under the general command of the GUR, a group set off from the Gulyaipol region towards Mariupol, which was supposed to break through to Mariupol.

Among the fighters, there seemed to be a part of the GUR, military from the Armed Forces of Ukraine, Azov fighters, including the leader of the National Corps Andrei Beletsky.

Lack of equipment

The interlocutors say that the fighters were to be given more than 80 units of tanks and armored vehicles. However, they collected only a few tanks, infantry fighting vehicles and armored personnel carriers – up to 20 pieces.

Despite this, the group moved towards Mariupol. She walked about 10 – 15 kilometers, and then faced strong resistance from the infidels, and had to retreat.

The actions of a part of the marines interfered

For the deblockade to be successful, it seems that a simultaneous counter breakthrough should have occurred Mariupol garrison. However, this became impossible after the actions of the 36th Marine Brigade.

One battalion of the 36th brigade suddenly surrendered on April 4, and then suddenly the commander of the 36th brigade, Vladimir Baranyuk, without warning anyone, decided to make a breakthrough in an unknown direction and thereby lost many people. Another source of the publication noted that the Marines surrendered with tanks, with MLRS and ammunition. This greatly weakened the defense forces.

Against the background of these events, the deblockade became unrealistic.

Evacuation from Azovstal: what is known

  • Almost three Ukrainian soldiers Months courageously defended Mariupol. Russian invaders encircled the city from the first days of March. The forces of infidels prevailed at times.
  • However, on May 16, the Ukrainian military leadership ordered the representatives of the Mariupol garrison to save their lives and leave Azovstal, which was called the fortress of Mariupol.
  • The defenders were taken away temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk region. According to British intelligence, about 1,700 Ukrainian soldiers left Azovstal.
  • Over time, all our fighters should be exchanged.

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