How to eradicate the remnants of Sovietism from school education in Ukraine


As eradicate the remnants of the Soviet system from school education in Ukraine

The war will radically change the national-patriotic education in Ukraine/Education.UA

When in peacetime I talked with the students of our school about who dreams of becoming who, most of them named such professions as an IT specialist, lawyer, doctor, representatives of creative professions, but only with the outbreak of war did I come to understand that none of our children wants to be in the military! Further – in an exclusive blog for the channel 24 website.

Patriotic education requires resuscitation

If not to say that this is a disaster, then just pain! Children should understand the importance of this profession from childhood.

Yes, the Ministry of Education has an action plan for military-patriotic education, but the existing programs have an absolutely outdated Soviet approach to military affairs and, on the contrary, destroy children's ideas and interest in him. Fundamental changes are needed in the formation of not only the content of training and the program, but the very approach to teaching and the professionalism of teachers.

War has become a trigger that has exposed our weaknesses. Therefore, more than ever, new approaches and new ways are needed to educate patriotism as a feeling and as a basic quality of a person. At the same time, it should be taken into account that Ukraine has an ancient and majestic culture and history, which are a powerful source and a strong foundation for raising children and youth.

Some of them have already entered the general educational space, but current social processes require their rethinking, which opens up new opportunities for the educational sphere. children and youth should be carried out on the examples of the Heroes of the past of the Ukrainian people, the creation of their own state, starting from princely times, Ukrainian Cossacks, Ukrainian Sich Riflemen and ending with the Heroes of our time, who today hold the defense for our Kharkov, Izyum, Nikolaev, Mariupol.

They are called “cyborgs”, but in fact they are just real patriots of their country, who defend not just every inch of Ukrainian land, but each of us!

Society and the state must respect their defenders not only in words, speeches and songs, but also in deeds. Respect for the military should have a concrete embodiment – in the level of well-being and the opportunity to take a worthy place in society. I dream that our military is respected and appreciated, as in the United States. So that a person in military clothes a priori arouses pride, as an example that they should be equal to in devotion to their work, strength of endurance, strength and inflexibility. representation of society and the role of each person in it.

They will defend their own from school

Now our school has online learning, and we continue to make every effort to bring up an educated young generation. But as representatives of the education sector, my team and I are already preparing changes for the organization of work in the next academic year, providing for:

  • lessons of modern military training; real weapons (in which, by the way, the girls had no less interest and success than the guys);
  • meetings with the military;
  • visiting military units instead of the usual excursions and field exercises instead of picnics .

Today we are thinking about how to do so that in the curriculum, in parallel with academic knowledge, to teach the future defenders of Ukraine to put on a gas mask, bulletproof vest and helmet so that they can feel the burden and responsibility of the military professions in peacetime.

Everyone in his place should not just wait for the Victory, but already make plans for the future and restoration of our country. Let's keep the educational front! Glory to the Armed Forces of Ukraine! Glory to our defenders!

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