How to get rid of mice in the country

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How to get rid of mice in the country

How to get rid of mice in the country

In the fall, many complete the summer cottage season. And in the spring, some summer residents will have an unpleasant surprise – traces of the tricks of rodents. The portal knows how to get rid of them.

Rodents usually sneak into the house in the fall, as soon as the cold comes. It is best to fight them with special edible baits. They are of two types: the first act when mice or rats eat them many times, the second – it is enough for rodents to try once.

Such baits are created on the basis of bromadiolone. Granules or grains give off a meaty flavor. The poison is not felt in them, but special substances scare away other animals.

Earlier, war on rodents was declared in Nur-Sultan. Specialists have chemistry in service. Special rodent baits are made in a local laboratory.

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