How Ukraine managed to delay the surge in mobilization in Russia


How Ukraine managed to delay the surge in mobilization in Russia

In the meantime, we've won two weeks. After Makiivka, the Russian authorities carry out mobilization in a covert mode.

Ukraine ruined the Russians' plans for a powerful mobilization

This was also affected by the appeal Minister of Defense of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov. He told the Russians: “Don't come or you'll die.”

The covert mobilization is not the scale, and not the mood, which was originally planned by the Russian authorities. The Kremlin wanted to do this on an emotional upsurge after Christmas, the “holy war” and so on.

Now they will have to start mass mobilization against the backdrop of decisions to supply Western tanks and other beauty.

We won several weeks

That is, the Russians will literally say to their conscripts: “We are recruiting you to throw you under these tanks in the spring.” Not without reason in the Russian media now there is a lot of trash on the topic “how to destroy Abrams with a sapper shovel”.

A couple more weeks will be without a mass wave. In the spring they will already have the risk of a rupture, when there is not only a shortage of shells, but also troops.

Let's give them more news.

Recall. On New Year's Eve, the Armed Forces of Ukraine ended up in a school in the occupied Makeyevka, where Russian mobilized were based. As a result, about 400 fighters were killed, and another 300 were injured.

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