How understanding the Russian problem made Poland a leader in aid to Ukraine


How understanding the Russian problem made Poland a leader in helping Ukraine

Poland is one of the countries that perfectly understands the causal relationships caused by Russian aggression. Unlike Germany, its government is not endowed with a certain romanticism.

This Channel 24 was told by political scientist Alexander Antonyuk. According to him, the Polish people know perfectly well what reconstruction after the war is like.

Change of leadership in Europe

Alexander Antonyuk explained that the Poles are well aware that the old Europe, which Germany and France represent today, is in an evolutionary crisis.

“Now, on the basis of the activity carried out by the Poles, the Baltic countries, and God willing and Ukraine, it is possible to form a coalition that will become a key one in the European part,” he stressed.

According to political scientist, this applies to the economy, the population, and the defense sector. Therefore, the activity today is occupied by those EU countries that are relatively young, when compared with the states that established the European Union.

Our war is changing positions, politics, and priorities. It forms new leaders,” Antonyuk stressed.

He said that Great Britain, which is the guardian of Anglo-Saxon traditions, is not the last in importance.

Alexander Antonyuk told how the role of Poland in Europe has changed due to active assistance to Ukraine: watch the video

Poland's personal trauma

Oleksandr Antonyuk stressed that Poland has a very good historical memory at the genetic level. Because the Second World War “went through” the country and the people very seriously.

“They were separated at one time by the Soviet Union and Germany. Then both one and the other” rolled “through their territory, burning all the lands,” he said.

According to him, Warsaw is a ruined capital that was rebuilt almost from scratch after the Second World War. Poland knows firsthand about the loss of a large number of population and monuments.

The political scientist explained that today's ally of Ukraine is well aware of causal relationships. Smolensk. This is another trauma for the Poles,” he said.

Besides, the Poles did not build close relations with Russia in the same way as other countries did.

Poland is different from Germany

According to Antonyuk, Germany is a vivid example of close cooperation.

Poles are far from romanticism, as it is in Germany, he stressed.

Practically since the Second World War, Germany and Russia first through the Soviet Union had a collaboration on business and economic relations.

“Do not forget that a large number of the establishment in Germany, these are the descendants of people belonging to the agent network,” he explained.

However, the political scientist explained that this happened historically, this is not a claim. Therefore, the position of the Germans is unambiguous and understandable, but it is definitely impossible to support and tolerate it.

Ukraine will receive Leopard 2 from Poland: what is known


  • Polish President Andrzej Duda announced in Lvov on January 11 that he would donate 14 Leopard tanks to Ukraine.
  • Representative of the German government Christian Hoffmann said that the decision to transfer heavy Leopard tanks should be made by countries together with the allies. According to her, Poland did not send an official request. The speaker called the transfer of German-made tanks without Germany's consent illegal.
  • Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki believes that the allies can provide Ukraine with about 100 Leopard tanks. He stressed that Ukraine needs help quickly, and if Berlin does not contribute to this, then Poland will act independently.

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