How VAKS breaks the Soviet tradition in the system


How VAKS breaks the Soviet tradition in the system

We have received very good news – the right to protection in Ukraine works.

Openness is being returned to the courtroom

The Supreme Anti-Corruption Court passed the exam for adequacy and civility. This is really important, because the decision of the VAKS in the case of a measure of restraint for Andrei Kobolev is not only about him.

It is about trust in the newly created court. By refusing the application of the NABU detective for a measure of restraint in the form of detention, the court proved that it was breaking the Soviet tradition, according to which you first need to “sit down” a person, and then sort it out.

Post-Soviet officials also adopted this tradition in order to put pressure on business. Yesterday (January 23 – Channel 24) I saw how we are bringing the forgotten competition and openness back to the courtroom.

Reliable against changes in the judicial system

It was a real debate: both the prosecution and the defense explained their position. All parties were preparing for the trial, there was not even a question of “calls from above”.

I want to congratulate Andrei Kobolev for his courage – to prove that we have an honest trial, he came here. It was a serious risk. Thanks to this exam, we have hope that the judiciary will change completely.

The next, no less important part of the exam is still ahead, the consideration of the case continues. I wish good luck to all of us.

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