How winter will complicate the situation at the front: the answer of a military expert


How winter will complicate the situation at the front: a military expert's answer

Ukrainian fighters continue to deoccupy our lands. Ahead of winter, which may somewhat complicate the situation at the front.

We need to prepare for it by properly supplying our military. The state and volunteers are now working on this. Alexander Musienko, a military expert and head of the Center for Military Legal Research, said this to channel 24.

Of course, the winter period suggests the possibility of complicating the situation at the front. However, Musienko stressed that in the summer there are also extremely difficult conditions. “When the heat in the East or South rose by more than 30 degrees, constantly being in a bulletproof vest, under the loading of weapons is also not easy,” Musienko emphasized.

How winter will affect the situation

Key challenges caused by weather conditions:

  • drop in temperature – necessary means for heating in dugouts and warm clothes to protect the military;
  • complicating the movement of equipment in the field – we are used to different temperatures in winter, only frosts are not always fixed, there may be rains with sleet – all this causes softening of the soil;
  • lack of green zones – it is easier for sabotage groups to penetrate through them, our military are there at observation posts or perform certain tasks.

Military expert noted that in winter the passage of equipment or heavy artillery off the roads would be complicated. It is clear that it is safer to disperse in the field than to drive in a single large convoy along one road, as the Russians did in the Kiev or Chernihiv direction. Enemy columns were simply smashing.

Advancing and moving very fast in winter conditions is more difficult than in summer conditions. Musienko said.

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