How you can still get thousands of euros in 2020


How you can still get thousands of euros in 2020

“Don't give the tax authorities any money!” Warns Günther Goach, President of the Carinthian Chamber of Labor. Time is pressing, the deadline will pass on New Year's Eve.

Specifically, Goach is targeting the employee tax assessment for 2015 in its broadcast. “The tax adjustment can be done retrospectively for five years,” said the AK President. Anyone who has not yet made the tax adjustment for 2015 can potentially get back thousands of euros by New Year's Eve. Goach emphasizes that the Chamber of Labor tax experts are available to answer questions from employees.

“There is still time until Thursday, December 31, 2020 to settle the tax settlement using the form or online. In particular, single earners / single parents, parents with children in educational care, apprentices, commuters and employees who have changed employers during the year , who were not employed all year round or who switched between full and part time benefit from tax equalization. Receipts do not have to be enclosed, but must be kept for seven years, “says Goach.

“Employees who earn so little that they do not pay any wage tax should make the wage tax equalization in any case,” says Bernhard Sapetschnig, head of the promotion and finance department at the AK. The reason: Those affected can get the so-called negative tax back, because the application-free employee assessment only applies from 2016.

“Unfortunately, many still believe that an employee assessment does not pay off. There is almost always a tax credit in it,” Goach appeals to employees to use this last chance for 2015.

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