Huawei accused of copying Android

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Huawei accused of copying Android

OS from Huawei has cosmetic differences from Android and cannot be called a “killer” of the operating system from Google. This is reported by the ArsTechnica edition.

This is the conclusion reached by the journalist of the edition Ron Amadeo, who studied the SDK (software development kit, a set of development tools) HarmonyOS 2.0. To get a developer profile and access to the operating system emulator, Amadeo had to verify his identity. The author sent Huawei personal data – a copy of the passport, driver's license, payment information. After checking the data, which took two days, the specialist was able to examine the operating system emulator from Huawei.

In an article on the website of the publication, the journalist emphasized that he found almost no difference between the Android SDK and HarmonyOS 2.0. According to him, HarmonyOS is just a modified version of the OS from Google with a proprietary EMUI shell. The specialist who accused the company of copying Android noticed that the only major innovation of the OS is the presence of files with hap permission (HarmonyOS, Harmony OS Ability Package). Upon closer inspection, Amadeo noticed that hap is a modified version of apk, the format of archived executable files for Android applications.

“The Huawei SDK is an exact copy of the Google Android Studio SDK,” summed up Ron Amadeo. The author noted that the company does not mention this in any part of its documentation. The journalist also said that copying Android is easy, since the system is open source.

Earlier, a Huawei spokesman said that the company's own OS differs from the rest by supporting multiple platforms. At the end of 2020, XDA Developers reporters examined HarmonyOS and concluded that the operating system is based on Kitkat 4.4.4, an older version of Android.

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