Huawei founder accuses US of company murder

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Huawei founder accuses US of company murder

Ren Zhengfei

Huawei founder Ren Zhengfei said the US wanted to kill Huawei. This follows from a corporate note, which was at the disposal of Bloomberg.

“Faced with a new wave of US attacks, we finally realized that US officials were not trying to fix us. They wanted to kill us, ”Zhengfei remarked. The entrepreneur said that because of the sanctions, the corporation had to sell its subsidiary Honor, but he sees this event not as damage, but as an opportunity. According to Zhengfei, Honor's independence will unleash the company's potential and protect itself from US sanctions.

In a private message to employees, the Huawei founder, in addition to accusations against the United States, stated that the corporation is indeed breaking off relations with Honor. “Once we finally disperse, there will be no behind-the-scenes relationship with Honor. We treat the department in an adult way and will strictly adhere to the rules and international norms, ”the entrepreneur summed up.

Bloobmerg reporters noted that this is Ren Zhengfei's first comment regarding the sale of a subsidiary of the corporation. Analysts emphasized that apparently Huawei has no doubts that the restrictions on Honor will be lifted.

Under US sanctions since May 2019, Huawei officially announced the sale of the Honor smartphone brand on November 17. The new owner of the company will be the Shenzhen Zhixin New Information Technology conglomerate. As the reason for the sale, Huawei officials cited the “constant unavailability of technical components” required for the production of mobile devices.

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