Huawei has come up with a way to charge smartphones from a distance

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Huawei has come up with a way to charge smartphones from a distance

Huawei talked about a new way to wirelessly charge smartphones. This is reported by the Pocketnow edition, which had the corresponding patent.

The technology described in the documentation allows you to recharge devices from a distance, for example, within the same room. The charging module, located in plain sight and connected to an outlet, sends an electronic charge to the devices in its field of action. Energy transfer is carried out by means of a laser. At the same time, users do not need to worry about the battery level of their gadgets, since the charging process takes place constantly.

The description of the patent says that the small transmitting and receiving power of the invented device allows it to be used to transmit energy over medium and long distances. Huawei is confident that the laser can be used to charge both small household appliances and large drones.

According to the company's specialists, who are cited in the patent, the only visible drawback of the technology is the risk of laser damage to the eyes of people and animals. Huawei engineers have promised to solve this problem.

The timing of the first technology-based prototype chargers has not been announced. Journalists noticed that the patent was filed in September 2019, but appeared on the network only a year later.

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