Humanitarian corridors from Azovstal and other districts of Mariupol are needed immediately – Borrell


Humanitarian corridors from Azovstal and other areas of Mariupol are needed immediately – Borrell

Josep Borrell announced immediate humanitarian corridors from Mariupol./CNN

Russian invaders continue to destroy Mariupol with their shelling. Unfortunately, the city is being talked about all over the world, because the situation there is becoming more and more tragic.

In addition, infidels block the Ukrainian military in the Azovstal area, where they are hiding from shelling, and civilians.

Today, April 22, the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, announced the immediate humanitarian corridors.

He called for the urgent creation of evacuation corridors in Mariupol with all the necessary guarantees of a ceasefire from Azovstal and other areas of the city to the territories controlled by Ukraine.

Free and safe access must be provided for those who delivers humanitarian aid, in accordance with the fundamentals of human rights and international humanitarian law, Borrell said.

He appreciated Ukraine's efforts to find a diplomatic solution for the evacuation of the civilian population, but said that the EU is sorry that ” Russia does not reciprocate” these attempts and attempts.

The world is witnessing Russian brutality

For several weeks now, the world has been witnessing a brutal, illegal attack on Mariupol by Russia, resulting in widespread destruction of the city, including atrocities against civilians, under distorted reason for the “liberation” of the city. Borrell said in a statement.

He also recalled that thousands of city residents were deported to Russia or forcibly moved to territories not controlled by the government of Ukraine. At the same time, he noted that more than 100,000 civilians remain in Mariupol, including a thousand people who hide at Azovstal and are protected by the Armed Forces of Ukraine half a million Ukrainians deported by Russia.

What is the situation in Mariupol: briefly

  • The Russian military almost completely destroyed Mariupol, which is surrounded by infidels. More than a thousand civilians and Ukrainian defenders were taken hostage at the Azovstal plant. Among them are the wounded and the dead.
  • The Russian military is dropping super-heavy bombs on Azovstal, resulting in people trapped under the rubble. On Thursday, April 21, Putin gave the order not to storm Azovstal.
  • However, the Russians continued to bomb the smelter. According to intelligence, Russia plans to continue its offensive against Azovstal.

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