Humanitarian operation at Azovstal: footage of evacuation shown in city council


Humanitarian operation at Azovstal: footage of evacuation was shown at the city council

Humanitarian operation at Azovstal/Collage 24 channels

The humanitarian operation to rescue the defenders of Mariupol continues at Azovstal. On May 16, 53 seriously wounded people were evacuated from the plant to Novoazovsk, another 211 people were taken through the corridor to Yelenovka.

Then they should be exchanged and returned home. The Mariupol City Council released a video showing the process of evacuation from Azovstal.

The video shows that the Russians are searching and checking the Ukrainian soldiers and the wounded, whether they have weapons or explosives. At the same time, seriously wounded evacuees are dressed. They are transported by buses, next to which heavy equipment of the Russian invaders, marked with the letter “Z”, is visible.

The humanitarian operation at Azovstal: what is known

Deputy Defense Minister Anna Malyar reported on May 16 that the procedure for the evacuation of the seriously wounded has begunUkrainian military from the metallurgical plant “Azovstal”. The official announced the removal of 53 seriously wounded – they were all sent to a hospital in Novoazovsk on the territory of our state temporarily occupied by Russians. They should be given medical assistance there.

On the night of May 17, Volodymyr Zelenskyy recorded another video message in which he confirmed the start of the procedureevacuation of Ukrainian defenders. The President stressed that the servicemen had been fulfilling the task assigned to them for 82 days and should return to the controlled territories of Ukraine alive.

The General Staff of the Armed Forces of Ukraine subsequently published a similar message. It says that thanks to more than 80 days of heroic defense, the defenders of Mariupol did not allow the enemy to transfer about 20 thousand Russian invaders to other directions. Among the heroes who are forever imprinted in Ukrainian history:

  • a separate special forces detachment “Azov”,
  • 12th Brigade of the National Guard of Ukraine,
  • 36th Separate Marine Brigade,
  • border guards, policemen, volunteers and territorial defense of Mariupol.

Besides, we have now managedto evacuate another 211 defenders of Mariupol through the humanitarian corridor to Yelenovka. Anna Malyar assured that they should be exchanged for Russian prisoners of war.

Please note that Ukrainian soldiers still remain on the territory of Azovstal. At the same time, the government emphasizes that it does not stop working to save them and absolutely everyone who is now protecting our country is extremely important and they will fight for everyone to the last.

By the way, the Minister for the Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories Irina Vereshchuk emphasized that those seriously wounded Ukrainian soldiers who had already been evacuated from Azovstal would certainly return to the territories controlled by Ukraine. However, for now, it is first of all important to stabilize their condition.

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