Hundreds of applications a day: Ukrainians are actively joining the Offensive Guard


Hundreds of applications per day: Ukrainians are actively joining the Offensive Guard

The Ministry of the Interior has begun recruiting volunteers for the assault brigades. Already on the first day, a lot of people applied.

And most importantly, applications continue to come in. This was told by Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Kateryna Pavlichenko on the air of the telethon, Channel 24 reports.

The Ministry of Internal Affairs stated that a positive trend is already being recorded in applications for joining the ranks of the assault brigades. In particular, 3,086 citizens applied to the TsNAP. Of these, 527 applied. 291 people expressed their desire to join the assault units of the National Police, as well as:

  • 114 to the National Guard,
  • State Border Service – 122.

We started this recruiting campaign literally on Thursday, but I know that applications and questionnaires are already being submitted very actively. There are really many calls to the hotline, which was created specifically for the formation of these teams. An open enrollment for both boys and girls,” said Pavlichenko.

According to her, first of all, these should be motivated people who are ready to liberate the territories. She added that people who have already joined the units have:

  • combat experience, including in the de-occupation of territories,
  • motivation,
  • understand how to serve on the front line.

Pay attention! Pavlichenko noted that combat experience is not required.

Answering the question of how candidates will be checked for honesty, she noted that there really is a certain algorithm for appointing people to units of both the police and the National Guard or the border service. It provides verification by sending requests to a number of structures and searching through certain databases.

What is known about the Offensive Guard in Ukraine

  • In Ukraine, they decided to create ” Offensive Guards”. The creation of the formation was announced by the interim Acting Minister of Internal Affairs Igor Klimenko. According to him, it will include servicemen and law enforcement officers who have heroically proven themselves at the front.
  • Volunteers will not perform any rear tasks, but will exclusively deal with the liberation of territories occupied by Russian invaders.

Political scientist Valentin Gladkikh believes that not everyone will be able to pass this selection and join the Ukrainian “Offensive Guard” in terms of their knowledge, skills, physical fitness and mental health. In his opinion, it will be the military elite.

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