“Hundreds of millions of dollars”: the occupier's property will be used for the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the restoration of Ukraine


The property of the occupier will be used for the Armed Forces of Ukraine/Getty Images

The Verkhovna Rada voted for a bill allowing the property of the occupier to be sent to the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

” What the bill suggests

And also for the restoration of the country. People's Deputy Yaroslav Yurchyshyn spoke about this on Channel 24.

The key logic of the bill is as follows:

  • it is very important that the money that Russia earns and keeps in Ukraine, as well as collaborators' funds (they also fall under this category) were promptly withdrawn to the budget.

This is not nationalization, not confiscation, not asset management. This is a fairly quick, but legal court decision, – said Yurchyshyn.

That is, the property of representatives of the country that attacked Ukraine and those who betrayed the state will immediately be charged to the budget and used for the needs of defense and restoration of the country.

“The procedure is simple. The list of collaborators is still being formed and supplemented,” he added people's deputy.

Attention! This initiative will operate only during martial law.

What amount can be discussed

“If we take only the assets of the Luzhnikov group in energy (we are talking about a number of companies associated with a Russian organized criminal group called Luzhnikovskaya – Channel 24) – these are millions, tens, possibly hundreds of millions of dollars in assets alone, “Yurchishin said.

Not to mention, conditionally, AlfaBank's finances in Ukraine, he added. The first revenues to the budget may be within 1.5 months from the moment the law is signed by the president.

The money of Russians and collaborators will go to the needs of the army: watch the video

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