Hungary criticized Ukraine in NATO due to mass searches

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Hungary criticized Ukraine in NATO due to mass searches

Peter Siyarto

Hungarian Foreign Minister Peter Siyjarto criticized Ukraine for the massive searches of the SBU in the charitable foundation of the Transcarpathian region after information about the involvement of Hungarians in activities aimed at violating state sovereignty. The video of the speech of the Foreign Minister was published on his Facebook page.

“This is obviously a scandal and unacceptable in the 21st century. Especially from the side of a country that says it wants to get closer to NATO, ”Siyarto said. He noted that Kiev adheres to the policy of intimidating Hungarians and called on the alliance countries to stand in solidarity with Hungary.

Earlier it was reported that during the searches, law enforcement officers found a number of printed and electronic materials that popularize “Great Hungary” and the creation of ethnic autonomy in Transcarpathia. The investigation is investigating the facts of assistance to Hungary by certain Ukrainian figures. They are suspected of conducting subversive activities, in particular, of committing acts with signs of high treason.

Relations between the countries have worsened against the background of local elections in Transcarpathia. On October 26, Ukraine barred entry to two high-ranking Hungarian officials due to campaigning in the region. Officially, their names were not disclosed, according to sources, they are politician Istvan Grezha and Hungarian Secretary of State, responsible for national policy in the government, Arpad Janos Potapi.

On election day, Siyjarto called on Ukrainian Hungarians to vote for the party “Society of Hungarian Culture of Transcarpathia” and the current mayor of Beregovo, a representative of the Hungarian community Zoltan Babiak. As a result, this political force won the elections.

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