Hungary to hold referendum on protecting children from LGBT propaganda

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Hungary to hold referendum on protecting children from LGBT propaganda

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban announced the preparation of a referendum on “protecting children from LGBT” – the Hungarian leader was forced to take this step after following the law adopted in the country, the European Union initiated a legal process that could turn into a trial in the European Court.

A law passed by the Hungarian government in early June concerning minority sex and sex education in schools has caused a storm of outrage from European leaders. As a measure of pressure on Hungary, the European Commission froze the country's application for receiving several billion euros from the fund to combat the consequences of the pandemic, common to all EU countries.

In response to the unfriendly actions of the European Commission, Orban announced that he would hold a popular referendum on the issue that causes so much emotion from the EU.

The date of the referendum and the specific topics that will be submitted to it have not yet been disclosed, however, it is known that the bulletins will contain questions about school sex orientation lessons conducted without parental consent, as well as about the legalization of propaganda calling for children to change sex.

By the way, the new law prohibits all of this, as well as the broadcasting of materials related to sexual minorities and gender reassignment on television until 11 pm and without marking 18+.

The head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen, announcing the legal process against Hungary, said:

– Europe will never allow certain parts of our society to be stigmatized for who they love, for their age, for their ethnic origin, for their political views or for their religious beliefs.

The government of Viktor Orban, which remains one of the last bastions of reason in Europe, has already held a referendum on the distribution of migrants by quotas among the EU countries. Whether the country will be able to defend traditional family values will become clear in the near future.

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