Hunger, poverty and corruption: Ukraine is also being lied to on Hungarian television


Hunger, poverty and corruption: Hungarian television is also lying about Ukraine

Recently, Hungary got into a scandal by developing a textbook that spread Russian propaganda against Ukraine. However, they lie about our country not only in school books, but also on television.

About this Channel 24said the head of the Hungarian community in Kyiv, Tibor Tompa. According to him, this is due to the policy of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

How nonsense about Ukraine is spread in Hungary

Tompa noted that one of the main experts of the head of Hungary spreads on television the opinion allegedly “since 1991, there has been virtually nothing in Ukraine but poverty, hunger and corruption”.

According to the head of the Hungarian community in Kyiv, mostly the entire population of the country, except for Budapest, is lumpenized. “Such lumpenization by Orban's authorities leads to the fact that they write nonsense about Ukraine,” he explained.

Reference. to a lower social status. Lumpenization is mainly accompanied by a loss of professionalism and social initiative, unemployment, legal nihilism, and a decline in the level of culture.

But they also write such nonsense about Europe, Brussels and other neighboring countries,” said the head of the Hungarian community in Kyiv.

Is this due to the fact that Hungary allegedly has an aggressive interest in Ukraine

< p> However, in his opinion, this is not due to the fact that Hungary seeks to seize the Ukrainian territory. He explained that the country is quite poor and lives thanks to financial assistance from Europe. In addition, it has a weak army.

Here, the capture of Transcarpathia, as such, is not mentioned, Tompa noted.

In his opinion, Hungary, for the most part, seeks to get “good cheap human resources”, including from neighboring countries. That is why such a lumpenization is carried out in the state.

What is known about the scandalous textbook

The State Center of Hungary has developed a geography textbook for 8th grade students containing Russian propaganda. It is an obligatory educational book for Hungarian schoolchildren.

Thus, the book says that the only mountains in Ukraine are the Carpathians. And “at the foot of the mountains there are historical Hungarian cities: Ungvar (Uzhgorod), Munkach (Mukachevo), Khust.” Thus, the authors of the textbook deprived our state of sovereignty over the Crimean mountains.

The textbook also notes that in Ukraine “Ukrainian and Russian ethnic groups are often at enmity.” Their conflict allegedly caused a “conflict over Crimea.” That is, a civil war is taking place in Ukraine, in which Russia, obviously, is not involved.

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