“Hymars” will be more: the manufacturer increases the production of jet systems


There will be more Hymars as the manufacturer increases the production of reactive systems

US company Lockheed Martin, which produces HIMARS, is increasing the production of multiple launch rocket systems due to growing demand and their successful use by the Ukrainian military .

Ukrainian military successfully use HIMARS

This was announced by the company's CEO Jim Tyclet. Consequently, Lockheed plans to invest $65 million to speed up HIMARS contractors.

Lockheed Martin is ramping up production of a highly mobile artillery missile system amid the success of the Ukrainian military in using the system to repel Russian forces over the past few months. – the message says.

Note that the company plans to increase the production of HIMARS from 60 to 96 units per year and has already taken measures to accelerate the production of new launchers in anticipation of even higher demand .

The company is already ramping up capacity

Tyclet said that the company is already modernizing a plant in Arkansas, and is also training employees to work with several high-tech lines at once.

Company representatives have previously stated that the production of some weapons systems has already increased since the beginning of the year. At the same time, the annual production of HIMARS since the start of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine has increased from about 48 to 60.

How much HIMARS Ukraine received

  • Ukraine has already received several dozen MLRS systems of three types (M142 HIMARS, M270, Mars II). On October 11, just before Ramstein, an additional 4 HIMARS systems arrived in Ukraine.
  • The new security package to help Ukrainians included ammunition for the HIMARS system.
  • Ukrainian authorities have repeatedly noted that in order to defeat the aggressor we need more HIMARS. In particular, the new US aid, worth $1.1 billion, includes 18 HIMARS.

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