I am for surprises for the enemy, – Katkov on the possible transfer of aviation to Ukraine


I am for surprises for the enemy, - Katkov on the possible transfer of aviation to Ukraine

The publication Le Figaro stated that Ukrainian pilots in France have been training on Mirage 2000 fighters for more than a month, but the Air Force denied this. In any case, this should not be disclosed, because the transfer of aviation should come as a surprise to the occupiers.

Oleg Katkov, editor-in-chief of Defense Express, told Channel 24 about this. At the same time, he stressed that it is by no means possible to invest pilot training on a new type of fighter into quality in a short time.

The transfer of aircraft should be a surprise for the enemy

Katkov noted that we would like to hope that Ukrainian pilots are trained on Western fighters. However, you need to be objective and not invent, given that the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine assures that there is no training.

When, according to him, in the end it turns out that such preparations were underway, this should be a surprise for both the Ukrainians and the enemy, and not an announcement that, relatively speaking, in a few months Ukraine will receive this particular type of aircraft in a certain quantity.

I am personally for surprises both for the Ukrainians and for the enemy, instead of announcements that play into the hands of, in particular, the Russians,” Katkov emphasized.

He added that when it comes to fighters, one must understand that it is by no means possible to invest training on a new type of aircraft in a short time. That is, if the start of pilot training is announced, another six months must be added.

Katkov on the prospects of providing Ukraine with Western fighters: watch the video

What tasks need to be solved to obtain aviation

The editor-in-chief of Defense Express also commented on the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg about the possible provision of Western fighters to Ukraine. He noted that, in fact, NATO countries are transferring fighter aircraft to us, but we are talking about the announced MiG-29s. At the same time, in the event that an appropriate decision is made, it is also necessary to add time for the training of pilots.

This, he noted, when creating a ground material and technical base. This is not about coverage at airfields, but about tankers, radar beacons and much more, which should be integrated according to NATO standards. And this is a task that is not solved in a day or two.

That is, it is a more powerful task. At the same time, in any case, it will be resolved. It is desirable that it be about six months, – said Katkov.

According to him, the mentioned Mirage 2000 fighters meet the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine at the lowest level among all possible options. If we are talking about French aircraft, then Dassault Rafale, for example, can really change the situation.

By the way! Priority for Ukraine remain F-16. Such combat aircraft are needed primarily to protect against Russian terrorist missile attacks on peaceful settlements and critical infrastructure. They will become a significant component of the overall air defense. This was stated by Air Force speaker Yuri Ignat in an exclusive interview with Channel 24.

What is known about the provision of aviation to Ukraine

  • In the coming days, Poland will transfer four combat aircraft to Ukraine for full operation. We are talking about MiG-29 fighters. Slovakia also announced the same step.
  • At the same time, the Hero of Ukraine, the famous Karaya pilot explained why the MiG-29s themselves are not enough. He stressed that Ukraine needs modern fighters such as the F-16.
  • The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitry Kuleba, for his part, spoke about the supply of Western fighters. The Foreign Minister called it a very difficult task.

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