“I couldn’t make a decision”: Arestovich spoke about an actress from Bucha who refused to leave


Aleksey Arestovich spoke about the evacuation of people and noted that our society does not want to grow up. The politician explained that he had spoken to the familiar actress 11 times and asked her to evacuate from Bucha.

An adviser to the head of the President's Office told the relevant information during the broadcast. In particular, this happened on April 10 – that is, after the city was liberated from the invaders on March 31.

Arestovich's acquaintance, despite everything, did not want to leave Bucha

A friend of mine, an actress and a psychologist, was sitting in Bucha, and we had 11 sessions of conversations with her, during which I persuaded her to leave,” Arestovich said.

I explained that the first two days told her not to go. However, soon, when he saw that fighting had begun, he called to go from there immediately.

However, she could not make a decision. He added that he understood very well, because such people remain in Kramatorsk, remained in Kharkov, Irpen and Bucha.

Because the worst thing for a person is to change habits. And even in the face of immediate danger, it seems that it will blow over.

I sent my military acquaintances to her rescue three times, two of whom were wounded, and one was seriously wounded. They personally went after her through the mines to the occupied Bucha, – said the adviser to the head of the OP.

He explained that at his request the mayor of Bucha came to see her and she also refused him.

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