I don’t believe he’s going to stop, Volker called Putin’s plan for the near future


I don't believe he's going to stop, – Volker named Putin's plan for the near future

Volker suggested Putin's plan/Getty Images

Putin's original plan to take over all of Ukraine easily has failed. However, he is not going to stop. Even if the occupiers managed to seize the East and North of Ukraine, they would not stop.

Kurt Volker, the former representative of the US State Department for Ukraine, spoke about this in an exclusive interview with Olena Tribushna on Channel 24.< /p>

In his opinion, now Vladimir Putin is trying to take control of the East of Ukraine in order to provide communication from the Crimea, through Mariupol, to the Donbass and to Russian Rostov. And also in the North, the territory east of Kharkov.

Putin will then claim that they have succeeded and that this is a victory for Russia. Well, and he will continue to conduct military operations everywhere. I don't believe he's going to stop. I think this is his plan now,” Volker said.

The former US State Department representative for Ukraine stressed that he did not believe that the Russians would be able to implement this plan. Due to the resistance of the Ukrainians, the Russians will not be able to capture, in particular, the entire territory of Donbass.

In addition, the invaders will be forced to get out of those territories that they temporarily seized during the invasion. However, as Volker explained, this will take some time.

Full interview with Kurt Volker: watch the video

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